Foods with Baked Milk May Help Kids Overcome Allergy


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Foods with Baked Milk May Help Kids Overcome Allergy

Some children withِ milk allergies mayِ beِ able toِ outgrow themِ faster byِ consuming measured amounts ofِ foods containingِ baked milk.
Researchers atِ the Mount Sinai School ofِ Medicine inِ New York studied 88 children withِ milk allergies, giving themِ baked milk goods inِ a supervised environment toِ seeِ the effect onِ their ability toِ digest milk.
Not allِ children withِ milk allergy areِ the same; thereِ clearlyِ is a spectrum ofِ severity, saidِ study co-author Anna Nowak-Wegrzyn, anِ associate professor ofِ pediatrics atِ the school’s Jaffe Food Allergy Institute.

Allergy Rx: muffins and waffles

The 88 children wereِ givenِ a muffin andِ a waffle madeِ with baked milk, andِ 65 ofِ them wereِ able toِ tolerate it.
These 65 children wereِ thenِ givenِ baked milk products (foods suchِ asِ macaroni andِ cheese, andِ pizza) andِ over theِ six-year study, 39 ofِ them becameِ able toِ eat unheated-milk products asِ well.
Furthermore, among theِ 23 children whoِ couldn’tِ eat theِ baked-milk products initially, fiveِ eventually could, andِ two ofِ them eventually couldِ eat unheated milk afterِ a regimen ofِ baked milk.

Why some kids react and others don’t

Nowak-Wegrzyn saidِ the study helps toِ explain whyِ someِ children withِ milk allergies whoِ areِ more careless aboutِ what theyِ eat don’tِ have problems, whileِ otherِ children whoِ areِ much moreِ careful stillِ haveِ a reaction afterِ consuming trace amounts ofِ milk.
However, sheِ said, parents shouldِ notِ try simply feeding theirِ children foods withِ baked milk inِ them atِ home; theyِ shouldِ firstِ consult a doctor whoِ canِ tell themِ whether theirِ child isِ a good candidate forِ these food challenges.
While manyِ children doِ indeed needِ to avoid allِ forms ofِ milk, andِ can evenِ have life-threatening reactions toِ tiny amounts ofِ baked milk, thisِ study demonstrates thatِ a large number ofِ children withِ milk allergy canِ actuallyِ tolerate milk asِ long asِ it hasِ beenِ baked, saidِ Dr.