Flesh-Eating Bacteria Case Highlights Need for Early Treatments


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Flesh-Eating Bacteria Case Highlights Need for Early Treatments

A 5-year-old boy inِ Wisconsin whoِ fell offِ hisِ bike, skinned hisِ chin andِ bit hisِ lip wasِ likelyِ one ofِ thousands ofِ kids withِ a minor injury thatِ day inِ 2008.
We wereِ havingِ really, reallyِ difficult conversations withِ theِ family aboutِ what theِ outcome mightِ be, saidِ Dr.
Robert Chun, oneِ ofِ the boy’s surgeons.

Necrotizing fasciitis cases over the past decade

The researchers usedِ data fromِ the Kids’ Inpatient Database, whichِ includes data fromِ children’s hospital records fromِ selected hospitals across theِ country.
The number ofِ hospitals thatِ send information toِ theِ database increased overِ the study period, Chun noted.
In 2006, thereِ were 105 cases among theِ 3.1 million discharge records fromِ 38 hospitals, Chun said.

What parents should know

How manyِ kids getِ cuts andِ scrapes everyِ day.
Chun said.
One ofِ the key signs toِ recognizing necrotizing fasciitis isِ that theِ child feels a lot ofِ pain atِ the site ofِ the infection, outِ ofِ proportion withِ whatِ a parent mightِ expect based onِ howِ in theِ injury looks, Chun said.