Find Out How Superheroes Can Land You a Better Job


Superman being worshiped | Warner Bros

Find Out How Superheroes Can Land You a Better Job

It’s a virtual smorgasbord ofِ entertainment options outِ there forِ comic book andِ superhero fans.
With allِ kinds ofِ newِ movies hitting theaters — likeِ Batman vs.
We’re notِ simply talking aboutِ being nicer to, andِ cherishing yourِ family (Spiderman andِ Batman learned thisِ theِ hard way), butِ actively improving yourِ career prospects asِ well.
These areِ the mostِ important lessons youِ canِ learn fromِ them:

1. Create your brand

Take a page outِ ofِ Superman orِ Batman’s playbook — everybodyِ knows theirِ symbols, andِ they useِ thatِ to theirِ advantage.
Think aboutِ that concept, andِ try toِ devise a wayِ thatِ you canِ incorporate somethingِ similar intoِ your professional life.
Distinguish yourselfِ fromِ your co-workers, andِ build a personal brand.

Batman v Superman | Warner Bros.

2. Build your network

You needِ to knowِ howِ to play theِ crowd, meet theِ rightِ people, andِ keep inِ touch.
Social skills areِ even someِ ofِ the mostِ important elements thatِ employers areِ looking for.
Go toِ conferences.

3. Rock a powersuit

You canِ take thisِ oneِ literally: youِ needِ to dress toِ impress.
While it’s easy toِ goِ out andِ spend a ton ofِ money onِ the trendiest fashions andِ expensive brand names, youِ canِ alsoِ make anِ impression withِ thriftier purchases.
Like itِ or not, whatِ you wear matters.

4. Channel your skill set

The Avengers | Marvel Studios

Know yourِ strengths.
This isِ more thanِ justِ anِ annoying interview question; youِ needِ to knowِ what you’re good at, andِ how good youِ are.
You canِ use thisِ asِ leverage toِ getِ a betterِ job, orِ askِ for a pay increase.

5. Know your limits

The inverse ofِ your strengths areِ your weaknesses, andِ you’re goingِ to needِ to beِ able toِ recognize whatِ thoseِ are.
Yes, it’s theِ worst interview question inِ the world, butِ if youِ canِ think critically andِ recognize yourِ ownِ shortcomings, you’ll beِ better offِ becauseِ of it.
It’s notِ easy toِ beِ self-critical forِ some people, butِ think aboutِ where youِ haveِ room toِ improve.

6. Use good judgment

Tony Stark and the Iron Man suit | Marvel Studios

Follow yourِ moral compass, orِ use good judgment.
That seemsِ to beِ the common thread withِ mostِ superheroes, andِ one thatِ you shouldِ adopt asِ well.
It’s relativelyِ simple: Just thinkِ aboutِ what you’re doingِ or saying, andِ consider theِ consequences.

7. Punctuality

Ever notice howِ the hero alwaysِ seems toِ show upِ atِ exactly theِ rightِ time.
And thatِ means simply beingِ where you’re needed, whenِ you’re needed.
But takeِ things furtherِ than thatِ — useِ checklists andِ productivity apps toِ set deadlines forِ yourself, andِ get aheadِ of yourِ work soِ that you’re neverِ behind.

8. Share your story

The Hulk | Marvel Studios

Backstories areِ incredibly important inِ the comic book world, andِ you needِ to useِ your ownِ to yourِ advantage asِ well.
Just makeِ sure you’re notِ lying orِ making upِ a bunch ofِ nonsense justِ forِ appearances.
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