Fertility Treatment Puts Women at Risk of Stress Disorder


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Fertility Treatment Puts Women at Risk of Stress Disorder

Women whoِ undergo fertility treatments mayِ find theِ situation soِ distressing thatِ they develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a newِ study says.
That’s aboutِ six times higher thanِ the percentage ofِ people inِ the general population whoِ suffer fromِ PTSD (8 percent.) The findings suggest theِ definition ofِ PTSD mayِ need toِ beِ changed soِ that itsِ causesِ include potentially traumatic experiences suchِ asِ infertility, saidِ study researcher Allyson Bradow, director ofِ psychological services atِ Home ofِ the Innocents, a nonprofit organization thatِ helps families inِ need inِ Louisville, Ky.
Currently, theِ definition ofِ PTSD saysِ people mustِ haveِ experienced orِ witnessed a life-threatening event, orِ event thatِ couldِ causeِ serious injury.

Coping with infertility

Bradow hadِ her firstِ child withoutِ anyِ trouble atِ age 26.
The couple wasِ diagnosed withِ secondary infertility, whichِ refers toِ infertility experienced afterِ a couple hasِ a child.
Survey participants — 97 percent ofِ whom wereِ women — completed anِ online survey toِ assess theirِ symptoms ofِ PTSD.

Need for counseling

During herِ treatment, Bradow saidِ noِ one mentioned anythingِ aboutِ how itِ would affect herِ emotionally orِ psychologically.
They’re focused onِ gettingِ you pregnant…and that’sِ their job, Bradow said.
Ideally, Bradow said, mental health counseling shouldِ beِ a required part ofِ fertility treatment.