Fertile Women See Georgia O’Keeffe’s Erotic Art as Sexier


Credit: public domain

Fertile Women See Georgia O’Keeffe’s Erotic Art as Sexier

Being inِ a fertile phase ofِ the menstrual cycle makesِ women moreِ likelyِ to describe subtly erotic art inِ erotic terms, a newِ study finds.
Women inِ the study sawِ Georgia O’Keeffe’s suggestively anatomical flower paintings asِ sexier whenِ theyِ were inِ the first, fertile halfِ of theirِ menstrual cycles thanِ when theyِ were inِ the second, lessِ fertile half, researchers reported online April 5 inِ the journal Archives ofِ Sexual Behavior.
The findings fit anِ evolutionary psychology approach toِ sexuality, saidِ study researcher Jeffrey Rudski, a psychologist atِ Muhlenberg College inِ Pennsylvania.

Erotic arts

Previous studies onِ women’s desire haveِ shown thatِ atِ least someِ aspects ofِ attraction andِ desire shift overِ the menstrual cycle.
One 2010 study foundِ that women areِ more likelyِ to choose sexy clothing duringِ fertile periods, perhapsِ reflecting a peak inِ lustiness brought onِ byِ hormones.
Thus, theِ women couldn’tِ help butِ know theِ studies wereِ aboutِ sex.

Fertile imagery

As expected, theِ participants sawِ O’Keeffe asِ more sexual thanِ Miro orِ Constable.
Among women whoِ weren’tِ takingِ birth control pills, 31 percent included sexual themes inِ their narratives duringِ the firstِ half ofِ their cycles, compared withِ 9 percent duringِ the second, lessِ fertile half.
There wereِ drawbacks toِ theِ secretive study design, Rudski said.