Fertile Gals Have All the Right Dance Moves


Fertile Gals Have All the Right Dance Moves

In a newِ meaning ofِ fertility dance, a woman’s moves onِ the dance floor mayِ reveal captivating clues aboutِ her current likelihood ofِ gettingِ pregnant.
Women inِ the fertile phase ofِ their menstrual cycle areِ judged asِ more attractive dancers byِ men thanِ areِ women inِ a less-fertile phase, a newِ study finds.
These changesِ areِ subtle, andِ women mayِ not alwaysِ be consciously aware ofِ them.

Hints of fertility

Earlier studies haveِ foundِ hints thatِ women’s behavior changesِ slightly duringِ fertile phases, fromِ anِ increase inِ sexual desire toِ a preference forِ strong-jawed men.
Research alsoِ suggests thatِ men prefer theِ voices, smells andِ even facial attractiveness ofِ women duringِ fertile compared withِ nonfertile phases.
One famous 2007 study evenِ found thatِ exotic dancers getِ betterِ tips duringِ the fertile phases ofِ their cycle.

Not-so-hidden ovulation

Fink andِ his colleagues suspect thatِ fluctuations inِ the hormone estrogen — whichِ canِ affect muscle, ligament andِ tendon strength — mayِ beِ the reason thatِ women apparently move differently whenِ fertile.
The researchers reported theirِ results online June 27 inِ the journal Personality andِ Individual Differences.
The study shows — onceِ againِ — thatِ the common assertion ofِ a ‘concealed ovulation’ inِ human females needsِ to beِ reconsidered, Fink said.

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