‘Fake Weed’ Crackdown: DEA Calls Chemicals Illegal


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‘Fake Weed’ Crackdown: DEA Calls Chemicals Illegal

Five chemicals usedِ toِ makeِ fake weed, referred toِ asِ K2 andِ spice, justِ gotِ anِ emergency designation byِ the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), making possession andِ sale ofِ the substances orِ products containingِ them illegal inِ the United States.
The chemicals — called JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200, CP-47,497 andِ cannabicyclohexanol — areِ considered Schedule 1 underِ theِ Controlled Substances Act, a class thatِ alsoِ includes heroin andِ the substances inِ ecstasy.
The temporary scheduling willِ remain inِ place forِ atِ least a year whileِ theِ DEA andِ U.S.

Who concocted K2?

This K2 compound wasِ firstِ created inِ the mid-1990s inِ the lab ofِ organic chemist John W.
Huffman ofِ Clemson University, whoِ studies cannabinoid receptors.
It’s aboutِ 10 times moreِ active thanِ THC, theِ active ingredient inِ marijuana.

Not your parents’ weed

Last year inِ the span ofِ aboutِ a month, Scalzo sawِ nearlyِ 30 cases ofِ teenagers experiencing adverse effects afterِ smoking fake weed.
Customs andِ Border Protection firstِ encountered them, according toِ theِ DEA.
Young people areِ being harmed whenِ theyِ smoke theseِ dangerous ‘fake pot’ products andِ wrongly equate theِ products’ ‘legal’ retail availability withِ beingِ ‘safe,’ saidِ Michele M.