Eyes Reveal Sexual Orientation | Pupils & Attraction


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Eyes Reveal Sexual Orientation | Pupils & Attraction

Whether you’reِ gay, straight orِ somewhere elseِ on theِ spectrum, theِ truth ofِ who attracts youِ couldِ beِ in yourِ eyes.
Pupil dilation isِ anِ accurate indicator ofِ sexual orientation, a newِ study finds.
The newِ study isِ firstِ large-scale experiment toِ show thatِ pupil dilation matches whatِ people report feeling turned onِ by, saidِ study researcher Ritch Savin-Williams, a developmental psychologist atِ Cornell University.

The eyes have it

In 16th-century Italy, women wouldِ takeِ eye drops madeِ fromِ the toxic herb Belladona, whichِ keptِ their pupils fromِ constricting andِ was thought toِ bestow a seductive look.
In fact, Savin-Williams said, theِ pupils dilate slightly inِ response toِ anyِ exciting orِ interesting stimulus, including a loved one’sِ face orِ a beautiful piece ofِ art.
Some people canِ suppress theirِ genital arousal, orِ simply don’tِ have genital responses inِ a laboratory environment.

Measuring arousal

To getِ aroundِ these issues, Savin-Williams andِ his colleague Gerulf Rieger, alsoِ of Cornell University, turned toِ theِ pupils.
They recruited 165 men andِ 160 women, including gay, straight andِ bisexual participants.
People alsoِ reported theirِ ownِ feelings ofِ arousal toِ eachِ video.

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