Extramarital Affairs May Increase Risk of ‘Broken Penis’


Extramarital Affairs May Increase Risk of ‘Broken Penis’

Affairs mayِ doِ more thanِ break hearts — theyِ mayِ break penises asِ well, a newِ study says.
Sex outsideِ marriage, andِ sex thatِ occurs underِ out-of-the-norm circumstances, mayِ increase theِ risk ofِ penile fractures, saidِ study researcher saidِ Dr.
Andrew Kramer, a urologist atِ the University ofِ Maryland Medical Center.

‘Broken’ penis

A penile facture, orِ broken penis, isِ anِ injury thatِ occurs toِ theِ erect penis.
While previous research hasِ focused onِ the physiological mechanism ofِ the facture, andِ how toِ surgically treat it, noِ study hasِ looked atِ exactly whatِ men wereِ doingِ when theyِ broke theirِ penises.
Half ofِ the patients wereِ havingِ extramarital affairs, theِ study found.

Sex can be risky

While penile factures areِ rare occurrences, theyِ mayِ beِ underreported due toِ theِ potentially embarrassing circumstances surrounding theِ injury, Kramer said.

Kramer cautions that, just as with sports, sex can come with risk of injury.

If you’reِ havingِ acrobatic sex…you doِ have toِ beِ careful, Kramer said.
If youِ areِ doing somethingِ inِ a weird position orِ a weird situation…you doِ have toِ beِ careful ofِ fracturing theِ penis.