Extensive Face Transplant Includes Teeth and Bone


Extensive Face Transplant Includes Teeth and Bone

Surgeons haveِ performed whatِ theyِ sayِ isِ the mostِ extensive full face transplant toِ date, onِ a 37-year-old man whoِ lost a large portion ofِ hisِ face inِ a gun accident 15 years ago.
The novelِ surgery, performed atِ the University ofِ Maryland Medical Center, tookِ 36 hours toِ complete, andِ Lee isِ recovering faster thanِ expected, surgeons said.
Surgeons transplanted a donor’s upper andِ lower jawbone, teeth, a portion ofِ the tongue, andِ soft facial tissue fromِ the hairline downِ to theِ collarbone.

Basically they’ve restored the entire facial function and form, he said.

There haveِ beenِ concerns inِ the pastِ aboutِ the psychological consequences ofِ receiving a newِ face.
Before theِ surgery, Norris underwent rigorous psychological testing toِ ensure heِ was a good candidate forِ the surgery, hisِ surgeons said.
By transferring theِ jawbone, theِ surgeons hope Norris willِ require fewerِ immunosuppressive drugs, a result thatِ hasِ beenِ seen inِ animal models ofِ this procedure, saidِ Dr.

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