Exercise During Pregnancy Benefits Baby’s Heart


Credit: Mosista Pambudi/Dreamstime

Exercise During Pregnancy Benefits Baby’s Heart

Exercise duringِ pregnancy benefits notِ justِ the mother’s heart, butِ her baby’s heart asِ well, a newِ study finds.
The results show regular exercise duringِ pregnancy lowers theِ heart rate ofِ the fetus, andِ this effect persists forِ a month afterِ the baby isِ born.
A lowِ heart rate indicatesِ that theِ baby’s heart isِ inِ good health, muchِ likeِ anِ adult thatِ hasِ goneِ through training.

Young hearts

The study involved 61 pregnant women.
Mother andِ infant hadِ their heart function assessed duringِ andِ afterِ pregnancy.
Women varied inِ bothِ the amount andِ type ofِ exercise theyِ performed.

Exercise and pregnancy

The study adds toِ a growing body ofِ research onِ the benefits ofِ exercise duringِ pregnancy.
Working outِ while pregnant hasِ beenِ shown toِ ease backِ pain, lowerِ the mother’s blood pressure andِ improve mood.
Most types ofِ exercise — including running, weight training andِ swimming — areِ safe duringِ pregnancy forِ healthy women, May said.