Elvis Presley Song May Reveal Clues to Genetic Disorder


Credit: Elvis stamp photo via Shutterstock

Elvis Presley Song May Reveal Clues to Genetic Disorder

Even theِ toughest ofِ hearts mightِ melt atِ the sound ofِ Elvis Presley crooning hisِ classic song, “Love Me Tender.” Now a newِ study shows thatِ when people withِ theِ genetic disorder Williams syndrome listen toِ thatِ song orِ others, theyِ experience changesِ in levels ofِ the hormones associatedِ with feelings ofِ love.
The findings provide clues aboutِ the genes thatِ areِ tied toِ people’s emotions, theِ researchers say.
Researchers observed 21 people whileِ theyِ listened toِ music, andِ took blood samples toِ track levels ofِ the hormones oxytocin andِ arginine vasopressin (AVP).

Individuals without the condition saw little change to their oxytocin and AVP levels while listening.

One woman withِ Williams syndrome experienced significantly higher spikes inِ the hormones, compared withِ everyoneِ elseِ in theِ study; inِ the experiment, sheِ listened toِ theِ Elvis tune.
The results couldِ help researchers treat people whoِ haveِ this disorder andِ others thatِ share someِ features withِ Williams syndrome, suchِ asِ post-traumatic stress disorder andِ autism, saidِ study researcher Julie Korenberg, ofِ the University ofِ Utah.
The research providesِ insight toِ theِ relationship betweenِ genes andِ emotions, andِ links AVP levels toِ music forِ the firstِ time, sheِ said.