Egg Allergies ‘Cured’ in Kids Using Small Doses


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Egg Allergies ‘Cured’ in Kids Using Small Doses

Some children withِ egg allergies mayِ getِ relief fromِ their symptoms byِ eating small butِ increasing doses ofِ egg protein — theِ very thingِ theyِ areِ allergic to, a newِ study suggests.
The study tested anِ experimental treatment forِ food allergies called oral immunotherapy, whichِ aims toِ gradually desensitize people withِ food allergies byِ exposing themِ to higher andِ higher doses ofِ the allergen.
By theِ endِ of theِ two-year study, moreِ than halfِ of children withِ egg allergies whoِ wereِ treated withِ oral immunotherapy wereِ able toِ eat 5 grams ofِ egg-white powder andِ developed onlyِ a mild reaction orِ noneِ atِ all.

Treating egg allergies

children haveِ anِ egg allergy.
Forty ofِ the participants wereِ assigned toِ receive oral immunotherapy, andِ 15 toِ receive a cornstarch placebo.
After 10 months, allِ participants wereِ challenged toِ seeِ howِ they didِ afterِ eating 5 grams ofِ egg-white powder.

Who benefits?

While notِ allِ children wereِ cured byِ the treatment, theِ researchers saidِ that evenِ some desensitization isِ important, becauseِ it couldِ prevent a severe allergic reaction shouldِ the child beِ accidentally exposed toِ egg.
It’s possibleِ that someِ children whoِ seemedِ cured ofِ their allergy simply outgrew it, butِ this isِ unlikely, theِ researchers said, becauseِ the study included onlyِ children withِ a lowِ likelihood ofِ outgrowing theirِ allergy.
The newِ study willِ beِ published Thursday (July 19) inِ the New England Journal ofِ Medicine..