Ecstasy in Pregnancy Is Bad for Baby, Study Finds


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Ecstasy in Pregnancy Is Bad for Baby, Study Finds

Taking theِ club drug Ecstasy whileِ pregnant canِ interfere withِ theِ baby’s motor development afterِ birth, a newِ study finds.
Ecstasy, orِ MDMA (which stands forِ 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine) isِ a synthetic drug thatِ produces feelings ofِ euphoria andِ emotional warmth inِ users.
These warm-and-fuzzy feelings mayِ makeِ the drug seemِ relativelyِ harmless, saidِ study researcher Lynn Singer, a professor ofِ environmental health science, pediatrics andِ psychiatry atِ Case Western Reserve University inِ Ohio.

Drugs and pregnancy

Using ads, fliers andِ word-of-mouth, Singer andِ her colleagues recruited 96 women inِ London whoِ admitted toِ using recreational drugs duringِ pregnancy.
After theِ babies wereِ born, theyِ were checked forِ health andِ developmental problems atِ the age ofِ 1 month andِ 4 months.
11 Facts About Babies’ Brains] The study foundِ no significant effects ofِ Ecstasy useِ atِ the baby’s 1-month checkups, butِ they didِ notice a trend inِ which babies ofِ moms whoِ hadِ used Ecstasy duringِ their pregnancy moved slightly slower thanِ their healthy counterparts.

Missing girls

Seventy-one percent ofِ the babies born toِ MDMA-using mothers wereِ boys, compared withِ 46 percent forِ the non-MDMA-users inِ the study.
Researchers aren’t sureِ what causesِ this gender imbalance, thoughِ studies suggest thatِ exposure toِ someِ chemicals canِ skew theِ sex ratio.
There haveِ not beenِ anyِ studies onِ howِ widespread Ecstasy useِ isِ inِ pregnant women, butِ Singer andِ her colleagues wereِ concerned aboutِ the drug becauseِ it isِ popular among young people ofِ childbearing age.