Eating Protein or Fat? It Doesn’t Matter, More Means Extra Fat


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Eating Protein or Fat? It Doesn’t Matter, More Means Extra Fat

A habit ofِ overeating lean chicken willِ put asِ much extra fat onِ your body asِ overeating theِ sameِ number ofِ calories inِ donuts orِ butter cookies, a newِ study says.
Diet studies areِ notoriously hard toِ control whenِ theِ participants areِ living theirِ everyday lives – weِ break diet rules orِ misremember (or lie) aboutِ what weِ eat.
Bray, lead author ofِ the study published Tuesday (Jan.

More protein versus more fat

All study participants ate fromِ the sameِ menu, butِ researchers manipulated proportions ofِ protein andِ fat toِ create a high-protein, a normal-protein andِ a low-protein group.
Body imaging tests showed thoseِ onِ the low-protein diet lost lean body mass asِ they gained fat.
They onlyِ tell youِ whatِ theِ weight change was, Bray said.

But do the results apply in the real world?

David Heber, whoِ wrote anِ editorial accompanying theِ newِ study,  said thatِ inِ the real world whereِ people aren’t force-fed extra calories, adding protein toِ theِ diet mightِ actuallyِ prevent people fromِ gaining fat.
It wasِ underِ very controlled conditions, butِ it’s a nice confirmation thatِ protein doesِ increase lean muscle mass saidِ Heber, director ofِ the UCLA Center forِ Human Nutrition.
Eat a donut forِ breakfast, andِ two hours laterِ people areِ looking forِ a snack.

We tend to always focus on one nutrient, but it’s always complicated, Heber said.

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