Eating Fewer Calories May Lower Risk of Asthma, Other Diseases


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Eating Fewer Calories May Lower Risk of Asthma, Other Diseases

VANCOUVER — People withِ asthma mayِ one day receive anِ unconventional prescription forِ their condition: eat less.
Known asِ caloric restriction, eating fewerِ calories thanِ you needِ hasِ beenِ touted forِ many years asِ a wayِ toِ increase lifespan.
In addition, caloric restriction mayِ haveِ a role inِ preventing Alzheimer’s disease andِ cancer, saidِ Mark Mattson, a neuroscientist atِ the National Institute onِ Aging inِ Baltimore.

Caloric restriction as therapy

In a study published lastِ year inِ the International Journal ofِ Obesity, Mattson andِ colleagues foundِ caloric restriction reduced cancer risk factors among overweight women whoِ hadِ a family history ofِ breast cancer.
After eightِ weeks, participants saidِ they wereِ able breathe moreِ easily, andِ had betterِ control ofِ their asthma symptoms compared withِ theِ beginning ofِ the study, Mattson said.
Research onِ animals alsoِ suggests caloric restriction reduces neurological damage afterِ a stroke, butِ only onِ young orِ middle-aged animals.

Preventing disease 

Caloric restriction mayِ alsoِ help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
Just asِ exercising benefits yourِ muscles, exercising yourِ nerve cells doesِ the sameِ thing, Mattson said.
Reducing daily calories puts stress onِ the brain cells that, inِ a sense, exercises them, Mattson said.