Easily Embarrassed? Others Trust You More, Study Shows


Credit: Rebecca Abell | Dreamstime.com

Easily Embarrassed? Others Trust You More, Study Shows

The nextِ time youِ blush afterِ tripping overِ your ownِ feet inِ public, don’tِ try toِ hide itِ — a newِ study finds thatِ showing yourِ embarrassment actuallyِ makes otherِ people view youِ asِ more trustworthy.
The sameِ subjects thenِ participated inِ a dictator game, whichِ isِ used toِ measure altruism.
Those whoِ showed theِ mostِ generosity, giving awayِ more ofِ their raffle tickets, turned outِ to beِ the onesِ who hadِ displayed greater levels ofِ embarrassment inِ their videos.

Therefore, you want to affiliate with them more, Feinberg said.
You feel comfortable trusting them.

The researchers noted thatِ the bashful, moderate type ofِ embarrassment thatِ they studied shouldِ notِ beِ confused withِ a debilitating social anxiety disorder.
It alsoِ should notِ beِ confused withِ shame, whichِ isِ associatedِ with seriousِ moral transgressions, suchِ asِ getting caught cheating.
The study willِ beِ published inِ the September issue ofِ the Journal ofِ Personality andِ Social Psychology.