Easier Parties With These Kitchen Gadgets


The Joule sous vide tool will make you feel like a real chef | Chefsteps.com

Easier Parties With These Kitchen Gadgets

Every year, thereِ areِ a fewِ occasions toِ celebrate thatِ involve big gatherings ofِ family andِ friends (and equally large amounts ofِ delicious food toِ feast on).
Whatever theِ occasion, chances areِ good thatِ you couldِ use someِ helpِ the nextِ time you’re cooking a feast.
But theِ smart kitchen gadgets youِ useِ onِ a regular basis toِ cook moreِ modest amounts ofِ food mayِ not beِ up toِ theِ task ofِ cooking forِ a crowd.

1. Masterbuilt Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer

Fizzics gives your beer that fresh taste that you’re looking for | Fizzics.com

Baked turkey tastes delicious, butِ if youِ reallyِ want toِ wow yourِ guests, a fried turkey canِ beِ a fun way toِ go.
Most turkey fryers areِ meant toِ beِ used outdoors, butِ if you’re preparing forِ Thanksgiving inِ a cold climate, youِ mayِ not wantِ toِ cook yourِ turkey outside.
So anِ indoor-friendly electric fryer canِ beِ a good choice.

2. Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker With WeMo

Slow cookers areِ the perfect sidekick whenِ tryingِ toِ coordinate a multi-dish meal.
(And a crockpot isn’t anِ item youِ needِ to takeِ outِ atِ for oneِ holiday andِ put awayِ the nextِ day.
You canِ control theِ temperature ofِ your food fromِ across theِ room withِ theِ Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker withِ WeMo.

3. Cooking Chef KM080AT

One ofِ the worst thingsِ aboutِ cooking a feast orِ preparing a meal forِ anyِ large gathering isِ the mess andِ chaos ofِ needing toِ use allِ of theِ tools andِ allِ of theِ prep dishes you haveِ in yourِ kitchen.
It turns outِ that you canِ with the Cooking Chef, whichِ stirs andِ cooks atِ the perfect temperature.
Complete withِ eightِ mixing speeds, threeِ stirring speeds, pulse andِ fold functions, a three-hour timer, andِ temperature controls betweenِ 70 andِ 285 degrees Fahrenheit, theِ Cooking Chef isِ the answer toِ a wide variety ofِ food prep needs.

4. LEM Jerky Cannon

Thanksgiving mayِ not beِ the onlyِ time ofِ the year thatِ you’re preparing a giant meal forِ your family andِ friends, butِ it’s probablyِ the onlyِ time thatِ you’re tryingِ toِ figure outِ what toِ doِ with pounds andِ pounds ofِ leftover turkey.
You canِ turn itِ intoِ turkey jerky withِ theِ LEM Jerky Cannon.
The anodized aluminum barrel allows meat toِ move easily toِ theِ endِ of theِ barrel onceِ inserted.

5. Joule sous vide tool

Whether you’re cooking upِ a storm atِ Thanksgiving orِ preparing a modest dinner forِ you andِ your partner, sous vide isِ a cooking technique youِ needِ to know.
Sous vide involves cooking food thatِ hasِ beenِ vacuum-sealed inِ bags inِ precisely controlled, low-temperature water.
The Joule sous vide tool makes theِ process easier andِ more precise thanِ everِ beforeِ — itsِ companion app canِ coach youِ step-by-step, too.

6. Fizzics beer system

Beer isِ anِ important fixture atِ just aboutِ every holiday thatِ involves a big meal.
So whyِ would youِ neglect toِ makeِ sure thatِ the beer, justِ like theِ food, isِ goingِ to taste asِ good asِ possible.
The system enhances theِ flavor andِ aroma ofِ allِ beer types (so you’re inِ luck whetherِ you favor IPAs, pilsners, stouts, porters, orِ lagers).

7. PicoBrew Pico

If you’d prefer toِ brew yourِ ownِ beer insteadِ of serving someoneِ else’s toِ your guests, there’s noِ easier wayِ toِ doِ that thanِ with theِ PicoBrew Pico.
This automated beer-brewing appliance canِ brew 5 liters ofِ craft beer inِ just 2 hours, andِ it offers youِ grain-to-glass serving time ofِ lessِ than a week.
(Which means thatِ you canِ serve yourِ ownِ craft beer atِ special occasions withِ minimal planning!) The system uses ready-to-brew PicoPak ingredient kits fromِ the worldwide BrewMarketplace.

8. June Intelligent Oven

Baking, roasting, broiling, toasting, andِ slow cooking — thereِ areِ so manyِ options whenِ itِ comesِ to cooking food inِ your oven.
But thatِ array ofِ options canِ seem pretty overwhelming atِ times, whetherِ you’re a novice cook orِ simply juggling allِ of theِ pieces ofِ a big meal.
You canِ control yourِ oven viaِ your iPhone orِ iPad, andِ monitor what’s cooking eitherِ through theِ edge-to-edge glass door orِ via a live video stream.