Early Signs of Parkinson’s Disease Might Be Seen in Colon


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Early Signs of Parkinson’s Disease Might Be Seen in Colon

A colonoscopy orِ similar test couldِ one day diagnose Parkinson’s disease years beforeِ symptoms occur.
Researchers examined tissue samples obtained duringِ colon exams ofِ people whoِ laterِ developed Parkinson’s disease.
The samples wereِ takenِ severalِ years beforeِ the patients showed symptoms ofِ the neurological disorder.

Predicting Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s disease isِ caused byِ loss ofِ brain cells thatِ produce dopamine, a brain chemical needed toِ control muscle movement.
One change thatِ occurs inِ the brains ofِ Parkinson’s patients isِ the formation ofِ clumps called Lewy bodies.
In a 2011 study, Shannon andِ colleagues examined intestinal tissue samples takenِ fromِ nine Parkinson’s patients, 23 healthy people andِ 23 people withِ Crohn’s disease orِ ulcerative colitis (both types ofِ inflammatory bowel disease).

Provoactive study

It’s reallyِ interesting andِ provocative, Dr.
William Weiner, a neurologist atِ the University ofِ Maryland School ofِ Medicine andِ member ofِ the American Academy ofِ Neurology, saidِ ofِ the study findings.
The hypothesis thatِ Parkinson’s disease starts inِ the gut hasِ not hadِ much tangible evidence untilِ now, Weiner said.

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