Dorel Asia Recalls Bunk Beds


Credit: CPSC

Dorel Asia Recalls Bunk Beds

The U.S.
Consumer Product Safety Commission andِ Health Canada, inِ cooperation withِ Dorel Asia SRL, ofِ Barbados, announced a voluntary recall ofِ aboutِ 445,000 inِ the United States, andِ 21,700 inِ Canada, Wooden bunk beds.
Hazard: The wooden side rails thatِ run fromِ the headboard toِ theِ footboard andِ hold theِ bunk bed’s mattress inِ place canِ split andِ causeِ the bunk bed toِ collapse, posing a fall hazard toِ consumers.

Manufactured in: Vietnam

Remedy: Consumers shouldِ immediately contact Dorel Asia toِ receive a free repair kit.
Until consumers obtain andِ install theِ repair kit, consumers shouldِ take downِ the bunk beds andِ only useِ themِ asِ separate twin beds.
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