Don’t Tell Baby’s Sex to Prevent ‘Sex Selection’ Abortions, Doctor Says


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Don’t Tell Baby’s Sex to Prevent ‘Sex Selection’ Abortions, Doctor Says

Doctors shouldِ notِ tell pregnant women theِ sex ofِ their baby untilِ 30 weeks intoِ a pregnancy, oneِ physician isِ arguing, takingِ a stance thatِ isِ sure toِ beِ controversial.
Rajendra Kale, interim editor-in-chief ofِ the Canadian Medical Association Journal.
The practice ofِ sex selection, orِ the aborting ofِ female fetuses becauseِ of a preference forِ sons, isِ anِ issue inِ several Asian countries, andِ may alsoِ be doneِ byِ some immigrants inِ Canada andِ the United States, Kale said.

Ethical concerns

Two large organizations ofِ doctors — theِ Society ofِ Obstetricians andِ Gynaecologists ofِ Canada, andِ the American Congress ofِ Obstetricians andِ Gynecologists — agree thatِ sex selection isِ unethical.
Still, withholding information aboutِ the sex ofِ a fetus fromِ a woman isِ alsoِ not ethical, according toِ theِ ACOG.
Because a patient isِ entitled toِ obtain personal medical information, including information aboutِ the sex ofِ herِ fetus, itِ will sometimesِ beِ impossible forِ health care professionals toِ avoid unwitting participation inِ sex selection, according toِ a 2007 ACOG committee report.

What could be done

While theِ problem ofِ sex selection inِ Canada andِ the United States isِ likely small, itِ should notِ beِ ignored, according toِ Kale, a native ofِ Mumbai, India.
The organizations thatِ govern physicians inِ Canada shouldِ adopt policies thatِ limit disclosure ofِ fetal sex byِ health professionals toِ afterِ 30 weeks, Kale said..