Does the Whole30 Diet Really Work?


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Does the Whole30 Diet Really Work?

After a month ofِ pumpkin pie, egg nog andِ sugar cookies, manyِ people’s top New Year’s resolution isِ to eat healthier andِ lose weight.
And anِ extreme form ofِ the Paleo diet knownِ asِ the Whole30 diet, whichِ prohibits grains, sugar andِ legumes, mayِ beِ anِ increasingly popular choice.
The Whole30 diet asks people toِ eliminate a host ofِ staple foods forِ 30 days, afterِ which people canِ then add certainِ items backِ into theirِ diet thoughtfully.


The main premise behindِ this modified Paleo diet isِ that humans mayِ not haveِ evolved toِ eat certain foods, suchِ asِ added sugars, dairy, legumes andِ peanuts andِ grains, soِ these foods mayِ causeِ health problems.
Many people areِ lactose intolerant, meaning theyِ can’tِ digest theِ sugar inِ dairy.
At leastِ 1 percent ofِ Americans suffer fromِ celiac disease, anِ autoimmune disorder thatِ prevents themِ fromِ eating gluten, whichِ isِ foundِ in manyِ grains.

Unbalanced diet

Most people don’tِ have celiac disease orِ FODMAP intolerance, andِ eliminating soِ manyِ foods fromِ the diet couldِ contribute toِ nutritional deficiencies, Tallmadge said.
In addition, newِ research, suchِ asِ a 2013 study inِ the journal Nutrients, suggests thatِ certainِ foods — suchِ asِ legumes, beans andِ yogurt — areِ very important forِ the microbiome, theِ flora thatِ line theِ intestinal track, Tallmadge said.
When theِ microbiome isِ healthy, you’reِ moreِ likelyِ to burn body fat, Tallmadge told Live Science.

Clearing out the junk

But othersِ think theِ diet couldِ beِ a good wayِ toِ hit theِ reset button forِ people whoِ normallyِ eat anِ unhealthy, junk-food-laden American diet.
If somebodyِ canِ stick withِ this, itِ likely canِ help withِ theِ majority ofِ the claims madeِ aboutِ it, Kimball said.
Processed carbs andِ added sugars areِ a huge source ofِ inflammation inِ the body, soِ anyِ steps toِ eliminate thoseِ will probablyِ improve people’s health, sheِ said.