Do Vitamins Lower Stroke Risk?


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Do Vitamins Lower Stroke Risk?

Although manyِ people takeِ vitamin supplements, proof ofِ their health benefits hasِ beenِ scant.
Now experts sayِ there’s enoughِ evidence toِ conclude mostِ don’t reduce theِ risk ofِ stroke, butِ there areِ two thatِ may.
Graeme Hankey, head ofِ the Stroke Unit atِ Royal Perth Hospital inِ Australia, reviewed studies conducted betweenِ 1970 andِ 2012 onِ the effect ofِ vitamin supplements onِ stroke risk, giving theِ mostِ weight toِ thoseِ thatِ were large, long-term studies inِ which participants wereِ randomly assigned toِ takeِ a particularِ vitamin supplement, orِ not.

Hankey’s review was published online Aug. 7 in the journal Stroke.

Many ofِ the studies Hankey reviewed didِ not randomly assign people toِ takeِ a particularِ vitamin, butِ instead, observed a certainِ population overِ time.
We needِ large, reliable, randomized controlled trials toِ evaluate withِ minimal bias … theِ effect ofِ interventions suchِ asِ vitamins onِ stroke andِ other outcomes, Hankey said.
While it’sِ OK toِ takeِ vitamin supplements, theseِ pills shouldِ beِ viewed asِ exactly whatِ theirِ nameِ suggests — a supplement toِ a healthy diet, ratherِ than theِ basis forِ one, saidِ Roberta Anding, a registered dietitian andِ spokeswoman forِ the American Dietetic Association, inِ anِ interview withِ MyHealthNewsDaily lastِ year..