Diabetes Drug May Someday Repair Alzheimer’s Damage


Credit: Brain image via Shutterstock

Diabetes Drug May Someday Repair Alzheimer’s Damage

The diabetes drug metformin mayِ spur theِ growth ofِ newِ brain cells, whichِ couldِ have benefits forِ Alzheimer’s patients, a newِ Canadian study onِ mice suggests.

The study showed that metformin caused brain cells to divide, producing new cells.

The diabetes medication wasِ intended toِ target a specific pathway inِ liver cells.
In theِ newِ study, researchers foundِ that theِ drug activated thatِ sameِ pathway inِ brain cells, prompting newِ cell growth, saidِ study researcher Freda Miller, a stem cell biologist andِ molecular geneticist atِ the Hospital forِ Sick Children Research Institute inِ Toronto.
The newِ cells thatِ areِ produced couldِ help toِ repair theِ effects ofِ neurodegenerative disorders, suchِ asِ Alzheimer’s disease, Miller told MyHealthNewsDaily.