Depressed Patients May Process Hate Feelings Differently


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Depressed Patients May Process Hate Feelings Differently

Feelings of hate may be different for those with depression, a new study suggests.

The results show depressed people haveِ abnormalities inِ the brain’s so-called hate circuit.
Normally, brain activity isِ synchronous across thisِ circuit’s threeِ regions.
But inِ depressed patients, activity inِ these regions isِ out ofِ sync, saidِ study researcher Jianfeng Feng, a professor inِ computer studies atِ the University ofِ Warwick inِ the United Kingdom.

Brain scans

In theِ study, researchers scanned theِ brains ofِ 39 depressed patients andِ 37 healthy people usingِ functional magnetic resonance imaging (fRMI).The researchers usedِ theِ scans toِ create maps ofِ networks inِ the brain.
The method usedِ inِ this study toِ analyze theِ brain isِ exciting, saidِ Angela Laird, anِ associate professor ofِ radiology atِ the University ofِ Texas Health Science Center San Antonio.
The researchers wereِ attempting toِ lookِ atِ the brain’s so-called functional connectivity, thatِ is, interactions betweenِ brain regions duringِ the courseِ of a particularِ task, orِ atِ rest, Laird said.


However, Laird saidِ she isِ less enthusiastic aboutِ the conclusions theِ researchers drawn fromِ their finding.
They madeِ a veryِ direct connection, betweenِ the brain activity patterns theyِ sawِ andِ their conclusion thatِ the hate circuit isِ uncoupled.
In fact, twoِ ofِ the brain regions inِ the hate circuit areِ alsoِ thought toِ beِ involved inِ feelings ofِ love.