Deaths from ‘Stomach Flu’ Double | C diff Deaths Rise


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Deaths from ‘Stomach Flu’ Double | C diff Deaths Rise

Deaths fromِ gastroenteritis, orِ stomach flu, moreِ than doubled betweenِ 1999 andِ 2007, according toِ newِ research fromِ the Centers forِ Disease Control andِ Prevention.
The rise wasِ partly due toِ a fivefold increase overِ the study period inِ deaths fromِ one causeِ of gastroenteritis, theِ bacteria Clostridium difficile (C.
difficile rose overِ the study period fromِ approximately 2,700 toِ 14,500 perِ year.

Gastroenteritis involves inflammation of the stomach and intestines that causes vomiting and diarrhea.

Over theِ eight-year study, gastroenteritis deaths fromِ allِ causes increased fromِ nearly 7,000 toِ moreِ than 17,000 perِ year.
Adults overِ 65 years oldِ accounted forِ 83 percent ofِ deaths.

difficile and the stomach virus norovirus were the most common causes of gastroenteritis deaths.

difficile isِ attributed toِ theِ emergence andِ spread ofِ a moreِ virulent, resistant strain ofِ the bacteria, theِ CDC said.
Norovirus wasِ associatedِ with aboutِ 800 deaths perِ year, thoughِ thereِ were 50 percent moreِ deaths inِ years whenِ epidemics wereِ caused byِ new strains ofِ the virus.
Norovirus causesِ more thanِ 20 million illnesses annually, andِ it isِ the leading causeِ of gastroenteritis outbreaks inِ the United States.