Deaths from Most Cancers Drop: Report


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Deaths from Most Cancers Drop: Report

Cancer death rates haveِ continued toِ decline inِ bothِ men andِ women inِ recent years, according toِ a newِ report.
Between 2004 andِ 2008, cancer death rates decreased byِ 1.8 percent perِ year inِ men, andِ by 1.6 percent perِ year inِ women.
In 2012, moreِ than 577,000 people willِ die fromِ cancer inِ the United States, andِ more thanِ 1,638,000 people willِ beِ diagnosed withِ theِ disease, according toِ estimates inِ the report.

Other findings include:

A special section ofِ the article focuses onِ cancers thatِ haveِ beenِ on theِ rise, including cancers ofِ the pancreas, liver, thyroid andِ kidney, asِ well asِ melanoma, esophageal adenocarcinoma andِ certain types ofِ oropharyngeal cancer associatedِ with human papillomavirus (HPV) infection.
The reasons forِ these increases areِ not entirelyِ known.
The expected numbers ofِ newِ cancer cases andِ cancer deaths shouldِ beِ interpreted withِ caution becauseِ these estimates areِ based onِ statistical models andِ may vary considerably fromِ year toِ year, according toِ theِ report.

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