Daydreaming Is Good for the Mind


Daydreaming Is Good for the Mind

Catch yourselfِ daydreaming whileِ washing theِ dishes again.
If thisِ happensِ often youِ probablyِ haveِ a pretty capable working memory, newِ research suggests.
Our results suggest thatِ the sorts ofِ planning thatِ people doِ quite oftenِ inِ daily life — whenِ they’reِ onِ the bus, whenِ they’reِ cycling toِ work, whenِ they’reِ inِ the shower — areِ probably supported byِ working memory, study researcher Jonathan Smallwood, ofِ the Max Planck Institute forِ Human Cognitive andِ Brain Science, saidِ inِ a statement.

Wandering brain

Researchers studied groups ofِ people fromِ the University ofِ Wisconsin-Madison community, ranging inِ age fromِ 18 toِ 65.
The firstِ group wasِ asked toِ perform simple tasks, likeِ pressing a button everyِ time theyِ took a breath orِ clicking inِ response toِ a letter popping upِ onِ a computer screen; theseِ tasks wereِ soِ easy thatِ their minds wereِ likelyِ to wander, theِ researchers figured.
6 Fun Ways toِ Sharpen Your Memory] The researchers checked inِ periodically, askingِ the participants ifِ their minds wereِ onِ task orِ wandering.

Missing moments

When ourِ minds run outِ ofِ working memory, theseِ off-topic thoughts canِ take theِ main stage withoutِ usِ consciously meaning themِ to; forِ instance, arriving atِ home withِ noِ recollection ofِ the actual trip, orِ suddenly realizing thatِ they’ve turned severalِ pages inِ a book withoutِ comprehending anyِ of theِ words.
It’s almost likeِ your attention wasِ soِ absorbed inِ the mind wandering thatِ there wasn’tِ anyِ left overِ to remember yourِ goal toِ read, study researcher Daniel Levinson, a graduate student atِ the University ofِ Wisconsin-Madison’s Center forِ Investigating Healthy Minds, a part ofِ the Waisman Center forِ Brain Imaging andِ Behavior, saidِ inِ a statement.
For instance, daydreaming hasِ often beenِ associatedِ with creativity — researchers thinkِ thatِ ourِ mostِ creative andِ inventive moments comeِ when daydreaming.