Could a High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet Replace Dialysis?



Could a High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet Replace Dialysis?

A type ofِ low-carb, high-fat diet that’sِ typically usedِ toِ manage seizures forِ children withِ epilepsy couldِ reverse kidney disease inِ Type 1 andِ Type 2 diabetics, a newِ animal study suggests.
If successful inِ humans, theِ so-called ketogenic diet couldِ have theِ potential toِ replace dialysis, whichِ isِ a procedure thatِ artificially filters blood inِ place ofِ a damaged orِ failed kidney, saidِ study researcher Charles Mobbs, professor ofِ neuroscience andِ geriatrics andِ palliative care medicine atِ Mount Sinai School ofِ Medicine inِ New York City.
If it’sِ possible, weِ canِ potentially notِ require dialysis.

The study was published today (April 20) in the journal PLoS ONE.

Reversing kidney disease

Mobbs andِ his colleagues induced kidney disease inِ mice thatِ were genetically engineered toِ haveِ Type 1 orِ Type 2 diabetes.
Then, halfِ the mice wereِ put onِ a ketogenic diet (87 percent ofِ calories fromِ fat, withِ a moderate amount ofِ calories fromِ protein andِ few calories fromِ carbohydrates), andِ the otherِ halfِ were put onِ a standard high-carbohydrate diet, according toِ theِ study.
After eightِ weeks, researchers foundِ that kidney disease wasِ reversed, andِ damage toِ theِ organ hadِ beenِ repaired, inِ the mice thatِ were onِ the ketogenic diet, theِ study said, thoughِ thereِ was lessِ damage repair inِ the mice withِ Type 2 diabetes thanِ the mice withِ Type 1 diabetes.

Implications of the findings

Past research hasِ shown thatِ a low-protein diet hasِ a small effect inِ slowing kidney-function decline inِ humans.
However, thatِ study, published inِ 1994 inِ the New England Journal ofِ Medicine, didn’tِ show thatِ a low-protein diet madeِ a difference inِ people withِ advanced kidney disease.
The newِ part ofِ this wouldِ beِ the ability toِ achieve andِ maintain ketosis inِ anِ individual withِ caloric restriction, Spry told MyHealthNewsDaily.