Common Myths About Cruises


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Common Myths About Cruises

It seemsِ likeِ there areِ two kinds ofِ people inِ this world: Those whoِ areِ obsessed withِ cruises and thoseِ who absolutely despise them.
And forِ those ofِ you whoِ triedِ a cruise orِ two andِ found thatِ they weren’t forِ you, that’s justِ fine.
However, ifِ you hate cruises justِ becauseِ you believeِ the — oftenِ false — rumors, thenِ you couldِ beِ missing outِ onِ a spectacular vacation experience forِ no good reason.

1. Only old people go on cruises

The sayingِ goesِ that cruises areِ only forِ “the newly wed orِ nearlyِ dead.” But it’s simply notِ true.
Families withِ children, college kids onِ spring break, empty nesters, retirees … there’s a cruise that’s rightِ forِ absolutely anyِ age range.
If you’re worried thatِ the cruise youِ choose won’t haveِ anyoneِ your ownِ age toِ hang outِ with, tryِ scoping outِ reviews orِ askingِ a travel agent forِ advice.

The ships are very safe. | Fallbrook/iStock/Getty Images

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2. You’ll sink like the Titanic

The media makesِ itِ sound likeِ cruise disasters happen everyِ minute, butِ in reality, they’re muchِ safer thanِ you think.
The Coastguard conducts rigorous safety checks, andِ there areِ regulations forِ everythingِ from life jackets toِ fire extinguishers.
Even thoughِ you mayِ hear aboutِ certain disasters, theِ chances ofِ gettingِ seriously hurt onِ a cruise areِ very slim.

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3. You’ll get sick

Check out the on-board activities. | michaeljung/iStock/Getty Images

Anytime a bunch ofِ people areِ together inِ one space, there’s chance thatِ germs canِ spread.
The law requires cruise lines to report norovirus onceِ it’s onboard theِ ship, whichِ isِ why theِ media makesِ such a big deal aboutِ it everyِ time.
In 2014, thereِ were onlyِ 8 major norovirus breakouts, affecting onlyِ 1,454 passengers ofِ the 11 million people whoِ cruised thatِ year (while 20 million people contracted itِ on dry land).

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4. Cruises are boring

Have youِ evenِ beenِ on a cruise.
There areِ so manyِ things toِ doِ that it’s pretty muchِ impossible toِ getِ bored.
Cruise ships nowadays haveِ onboard amenities suchِ asِ pools, water slides, zip lines, rock climbing, sky diving andِ surfing stimulators, planetariums, andِ way more.

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5. The food is gross

That rumor isِ just a matter ofِ opinion, ofِ course.
The nice thingِ aboutِ cruises isِ that there’s a ton ofِ options, soِ ifِ you don’t likeِ one particularِ restaurant orِ buffet item, youِ canِ just skip itِ andِ move alongِ to theِ nextِ thing.
Again, check outِ reviews fromِ previous passengers andِ pay close attention toِ what theyِ sayِ aboutِ the onboard meals.

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If you take a Disney cruise, there will probably be plenty of kids. | Landbysea/iStock/Getty Images

6. There are too many kids running around

Pick theِ cruise thatِ suits yourِ lifestyle inِ order toِ avoid thisِ issue.
Some cruises areِ catered specifically toِ adults, soِ they’ll naturally haveِ fewerِ families withِ kids.
Even family-friendly cruise ships oftenِ haveِ adults-only decks, lounge spaces, andِ bars.

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7. Cruising is for lazy people

You couldِ spend yourِ entire cruise sitting inِ a lounge chair — butِ that wouldِ beِ a real shame.
Cruises canِ beِ full ofِ adventure ifِ you takeِ advantage ofِ allِ the thingsِ thereِ areِ to doِ onboard andِ off.
It’s a vacation, soِ howeverِ you choose toِ spend yourِ leisure time isِ your prerogative.

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8. The drinks are too expensive

Think aboutِ the lastِ time youِ wentِ outِ drinking atِ a bar.
Chances are, theِ cocktails cost anywhereِ from $7-$10, andِ the beer wasn’t muchِ cheaper.
If you’re concerned aboutِ your alcohol budget, lookِ intoِ adding a prepaid drink package soِ you don’t haveِ to thinkِ aboutِ how manyِ Mai Tais you’re throwing back.

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9. The areas are too cramped

If youِ thinkِ your cruise ship willِ makeِ you claustrophobic, thenِ you’ve probablyِ beenِ influenced byِ the Hollywood version ofِ a cruise. Newer cruise ships areِ designed withِ modern tastes inِ mind, andِ that includes open spaces andِ a focus onِ connecting withِ theِ ocean. If you’re concerned, takeِ close lookِ atِ photos ofِ the specific cruise ship you’ll beِ sailing onِ andِ read reviews fromِ people whoِ actuallyِ experienced thatِ cruise.

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10. They’re too formal

Many cruise lines haveِ formal nights forِ those guests whoِ wish toِ participate, butِ it’s certainlyِ not mandatory. If youِ wantِ toِ spend yourِ entire cruise vacation inِ flip flops andِ cutoff shorts, goِ forِ it.

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11. Cruises are too expensive

Compared toِ mostِ other vacations, cruising isِ one ofِ the cheapest ways toِ travel andِ still getِ to seeِ amazing destinations suchِ asِ tropical islands. If youِ live withinِ driving distance ofِ a port city, thenِ you won’t evenِ need toِ pay forِ airfare, whichِ cuts downِ the cost significantly. And sinceِ allِ the activities onِ a cruise ship areِ included, you’ll save a bunch onِ entertaining andِ dining, too.

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12. You’ll get fat

Well … maybe a little.

Vacation isِ usually a time forِ indulging, andِ if youِ onlyِ eat thatِ way forِ a week orِ two ofِ the year, itِ won’t affect yourِ overallِ health tooِ much. If you’re reallyِ concerned aboutِ weight gain duringِ your cruise, tryِ toِ stay active forِ most ofِ the day andِ make sureِ everyِ meal includes plenty ofِ fruits andِ veggies. Crystal Cruises’ “Mind, Body, Spirit” cruise includes daily yoga andِ Pilates, plusِ healthy food options.

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13. There’s no Wi-Fi

Thanks toِ customer demand, mostِ cruise lines haveِ beenِ stepping upِ theirِ Internet connections, soِ ifِ you haven’t takenِ a cruise inِ the lastِ fiveِ years, youِ mayِ notice thatِ this common problem noِ longer exists. But beِ warned thatِ ifِ you needِ the internet toِ function, youِ willِ haveِ to pay a premium forِ it. Instead, considerِ a digital detox duringِ your vacation.

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14. Cruises are too long

Some cruises are as short asِ three nights, whichِ isِ way lessِ than theِ average vacation. If youِ wantِ toِ set sail forِ 180 days that’s certainlyِ anِ option … butِ it’s notِ a requirement.

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15. Cruises are cheesy

Cruise vacations sometimesِ haveِ a stigma associatedِ with themِ — butِ frequent cruisers knowِ betterِ than toِ believeِ the negative press. These days, cruises comeِ in allِ varieties, including someِ with luxury furnishings andِ custom-designed interiors. The onlyِ thing cheesy aboutِ going onِ a cruise isِ the delicious plate ofِ nachos youِ canِ have forِ lunch.