Common Breakfast Food That Destroy Your Diet

Common Breakfast

There’s very little room for negotiation when it comes to eating breakfast. | Sarsmis/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Common Breakfast Food That Destroy Your Diet

It isn’t enoughِ to haveِ a coffee asِ you run outِ the door inِ the morning.
Breakfast isِ the key toِ fueling yourselfِ forِ the day, andِ maintaining a balanced diet.
But notِ allِ breakfasts areِ packed withِ theِ nutrients youِ need.

For starters — yes, you should be eating breakfast

It can’t beِ emphasized enoughِ how muchِ a diet depends onِ eating breakfast.
Eating somethingِ inِ the morning helps kick-start yourِ metabolism forِ the rest ofِ the day.
Plus, thoseِ who eat breakfast makeِ betterِ food choices throughoutِ theِ day becauseِ they areِ less likelyِ to beِ ravenous comeِ lunch time.

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But not all breakfasts are created equal

Of course, it’s what youِ eat inِ the morning thatِ determines howِ your diet shapes upِ forِ the rest ofِ the day.
While eating breakfast isِ essential forِ maintaining long-term weight loss, it’s unwise toِ shovel a sugary pastry orِ bagel loaded withِ cream cheese downِ your throat.
Loading upِ onِ sugar andِ bad carbs willِ actuallyِ make youِ hungrier beforeِ midday, probablyِ notِ what youِ wereِ aiming for.

What you need to eat to stay full after breakfast

The ideal breakfast forِ anyoneِ — whetherِ you areِ on a diet orِ notِ — contains protein andِ fiber.
And lucky forِ you on-the-go individuals, youِ don’t haveِ to slave inِ the kitchen everyِ morning toِ getِ these elements intoِ your breakfast.
But beware …

The diet destroyer

Although waking up to the perfect breakfast isn’t always possible, you should plan on choosing nutritious options. | Warrengoldswain/Getty Images

But theِ prepackaged instant variety.
While standard oats give youِ fiber toِ squash hunger, thoseِ packets ofِ insta-oats areِ packed withِ sugar, whichِ will makeِ you crash afterِ a briefِ burst ofِ energy.
And becauseِ instant oats areِ processed toِ cook faster, theyِ haveِ a higher glycemic index, soِ your body digests themِ faster.

The better alternative

No matter howِ tempting theِ “instant” variety mayِ be, sticking toِ regular oldِ oatmeal isِ your bestِ course ofِ action forِ keeping yourِ diet onِ track.
You canِ add whateverِ liquid youِ likeِ to aboutِ a halfِ a cup ofِ oats, andِ let itِ sit overnight.
(This guide fromِ willِ give youِ someِ inspiration.)

Pump up the protein

Instant oatmeal is often full of sugar and preservatives. | Mizina/iStock/Getty Images Plus

As weِ previously mentioned, havingِ protein asِ part ofِ your daily breakfast willِ helpِ you getِ up andِ go inِ the morning.
You canِ start offِ byِ soaking yourِ oats inِ a high-protein milk overnight.
The nextِ morning youِ canِ add nuts, chia seeds, orِ Greek yogurt.

For those busy mornings …

We understand — evenِ if youِ prepare yourِ oatmeal overnight, thereِ isn’t alwaysِ time onِ a busy weekday morning toِ sit downِ andِ enjoy it.
If thisِ isِ the case, considerِ throwing yourِ oatmeal intoِ a shake withِ protein powder orِ intoِ a banana smoothie.
Need somethingِ hand-held.

It might take you longer to make, but fresh oatmeal is always worth it. | Robynmac/iStock/Getty Images