Colon Cancer Screening: New Test Eliminates Laxatives


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Colon Cancer Screening: New Test Eliminates Laxatives

Colonoscopies couldِ beِ made a bit moreِ comfortable forِ people ifِ they involved lying inِ a CT scanner, ratherِ than beingِ probed withِ anِ endoscope, andِ at theِ sameِ time didn’tِ require drinking upward ofِ a gallon ofِ laxative fluid beforehandِ — current requirements thatِ mostِ considerِ unpleasant.
A newِ type ofِ virtual colonoscopy thatِ uses CT scans toِ construct images ofِ the colon, asِ well asِ to virtually clean theِ organ, wasِ justِ asِ effective asِ a standard colonoscopy inِ finding colon polyps 1 centimeter orِ larger inِ size, a newِ study finds.
The subtraction ofِ the laxative canِ only makeِ what’s alreadyِ an attractive test evenِ more attractive, saidِ Dr.

No laxative required

Each year, thereِ areِ aboutِ 120,000 newِ cases ofِ colon cancer inِ the United States, andِ 50,000 people die fromِ the disease,Zalis said.
But theِ gold standard isِ the colonoscopy, andِ the type mostِ commonly performed isِ the optical colonoscopy, whichِ usesِ a fiber optic tube withِ a light andِ camera toِ examine theِ internal surface ofِ the colon.
Both methods require patients toِ drink a laxative theِ day beforeِ their procedure.

Not a ‘game changer’?

While laxative-free screening mightِ increase theِ number ofِ people whoِ getِ colon cancer screening, I don’t thinkِ itِ will beِ the big game changer thatِ the authors] suggest, saidِ Dr.
John Monson, chief ofِ the division ofِ colorectal surgery atِ the University ofِ Rochester Medical Center, inِ New York, whoِ wasِ notِ involved inِ the study.
CTC isِ currentlyِ considered anِ accepted method ofِ screening byِ the American Cancer Society, butِ not byِ the U.S.

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