College Sex: ‘Hookups’ Are More Talk Than Action


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College Sex: ‘Hookups’ Are More Talk Than Action

Despite theِ belief thatِ casual sex inِ college isِ widespread, students areِ actuallyِ more talk thanِ action whenِ itِ comesِ to hooking up.
But chatter aboutِ hookups canِ increase acceptance ofِ the encounters, saidِ study researcher Amanda Holman, a doctoral student atِ the University ofِ Nebraska-Lincoln.
That’s troubling, Holman said, becauseِ hookups areِ often spontaneous andِ involve alcohol, making itِ less likelyِ that students willِ protect themselvesِ fromِ sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) andِ pregnancy.

Hooking up

Holman andِ her colleagues queried 274 college students onِ howِ they defined theِ term hookup andِ how oftenِ they themselvesِ hooked up.
That definition wasِ usedِ toِ askِ students aboutِ their ownِ participation inِ hookup culture.
Slightly moreِ than halfِ of theِ students, 54 percent, saidِ they hadِ hooked upِ with someoneِ elseِ duringِ the school year.

Safe sex

Talking aboutِ hooking up, however, wasِ common, withِ 84 percent ofِ students reporting they’dِ talked withِ theirِ friends atِ school aboutِ hookups.
People whoِ talked aboutِ hooking upِ were moreِ likelyِ to approve ofِ andِ take part inِ hookups, Holman found.
She saidِ she nextِ plans toِ lookِ atِ how parents andِ college staff canِ talk toِ students aboutِ hookup culture toِ ensure thatِ safety comesِ first.