Colicky Babies May Be Having Early Migraines


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Colicky Babies May Be Having Early Migraines

NEW ORLEANS — Frequent, unexplained crying inِ infants, knownِ asِ colic, mayِ beِ anِ early sign ofِ migraine headaches, a newِ study suggests.
The results show thatِ women withِ a history ofِ migraine headaches wereِ 2.6 times moreِ likelyِ than those  withoutِ migraines toِ haveِ babies withِ colic.
Even ifِ that idea proved toِ beِ true, however, researchers wouldِ notِ beِ able toِ tellِ ifِ the incessant crying ofِ colicky babies wasِ due toِ headache pain orِ some otherِ type ofِ discomfort.

Colic and migraines

About oneِ inِ fiveِ babies isِ colicky atِ some point, according toِ theِ National Institutes ofِ Health.
A baby isِ considered colicky ifِ it cries atِ least threeِ days a week forِ atِ least threeِ hours a day, andِ the crying isِ not due toِ a medical problem.
Two earlier studies foundِ that children withِ migraines wereِ moreِ likelyِ to haveِ beenِ colicky babies thanِ were children whoِ didِ not experience migraines.

Fathers were also surveyed if they were present.

Eighteen percent of mothers reported migraines, and 14 percent had babies with colic.

About 29 percent ofِ mothers withِ migraines hadِ colicky babies, compared withِ 11 percent ofِ mothers whoِ didn’tِ have migraines.

Treating colic

While noِ link wasِ foundِ betweenِ the fathers’ migraines andِ the babies’ colic, Gelfand saidِ it’sِ likely thisِ was becauseِ the study didِ not include enoughِ fathers.
Families withِ a history ofِ migraine couldِ alsoِ be counseled onِ howِ to prepare forِ a colicky baby, Gelfand said.
However, atِ this point, theِ findings show onlyِ anِ association andِ not a cause-effect link.