Coffee Protects Against Type of Breast Cancer


Coffee Protects Against Type of Breast Cancer

Coffee mayِ doِ more thanِ give a caffeine boost itِ couldِ alsoِ reduce theِ risk ofِ developing a particularِ kind ofِ breast cancer, according toِ a newِ study.
Women whoِ drink fiveِ or moreِ cups ofِ coffee a day areِ 57 percent lessِ likely toِ develop estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer thanِ women whoِ drink lessِ than a cup ofِ coffee a day, saidِ study researcher Jingmei Li, ofِ the Karolinska Institute inِ Sweden.
Other kinds include HER2-positive breast cancer, whereِ theِ cancer cells produce tooِ muchِ of a protein called HER2/neu, andِ the aggressive andِ rare triple negative breast cancer , whichِ lacks receptors toِ theِ hormones andِ proteins common inِ other breast cancers.

The study was published yesterday (May 10) in the journal Breast Cancer Research.

Looking at the data

Researchers collected health information fromِ 2,818 women withِ breast cancer andِ 3,111 women withoutِ breast cancer whoِ wereِ betweenِ the ages ofِ 50 andِ 74 andِ lived inِ Sweden.
The women inِ the study reported theirِ average daily coffee intake duringِ the lastِ year, asِ well asِ their education, family history ofِ breast cancer, weight, amount theyِ exercised andِ menopause status.
Researchers adjusted forِ factors otherِ than coffee intake, andِ found thatِ the moreِ coffee women drank, theِ moreِ protected theyِ were fromِ having estrogen-receptor negative breast cancer.

Coffee’s protective benefits

Coffee containsِ a number ofِ differentِ phytoestrogens, whichِ areِ plant-based chemicals thatِ act likeِ estrogens inِ the human body.
These phytoestrogens canِ increase orِ decrease risk ofِ breast cancer, depending onِ the kind ofِ breast cancer, Li said.
These results fromِ previous studies led usِ toِ hypothesize thatِ heterogeneity exists betweenِ coffee consumption andِ breast cancer risks forِ ER-positive andِ ER-negative breast cancers, Li said.