Clue to Centenarians’ Longevity: a Mediterranean Diet


Credit: Vegetables and olive oil photo via Shutterstock

Clue to Centenarians’ Longevity: a Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet mayِ beِ one ofِ the keys toِ long life, a newِ study suggests.
Researchers inِ Italy foundِ that people living inِ mountain villages onِ the island ofِ Sicily, whoِ hadِ lived toِ theِ age ofِ atِ least 100, adhered closely toِ a diet rich inِ fruits, vegetables andِ whole grains, andِ low inِ red meat, refined carbohydrates andِ sweets.
One key aspect ofِ the centenarians’ diets wasِ theِ lowِ glycemic index, theِ researchers said.

The findings were published yesterday (April 23) in the journal Immunity and Ageing.

Researchers atِ the University ofِ Palermo studied people living inِ the villages ofِ Sicani Mountains, inِ central Sicily.
That means theِ percentage ofِ centenarians living inِ those villages isِ more thanِ fourِ times greater thanِ the national average, theِ researchers said.
The centenarians answered detailed questions aboutِ their diet, andِ underwent a physical exam including blood tests.