Close Ties to Children May Ensure Grandkids Later


Close Ties to Children May Ensure Grandkids Later

Parents withِ close emotional ties toِ theirِ children mayِ beِ increasing theirِ chance ofِ havingِ grandchildren downِ the road, a newِ study finds.
But it’sِ not yetِ clear howِ supportive parents lead adult children toِ decide toِ haveِ kids ofِ their own.
It mayِ beِ that supportive parents makeِ you feel thatِ havingِ a family orِ havingِ a larger family isِ the thingِ to do, study researcher David Waynforth, a biological psychologist atِ the University ofِ East Anglia inِ the United Kingdom, told Livescience.

The reason for grandma

Scientists haveِ argued thatِ perhapsِ these long twilight years evolved becauseِ longer-lived individuals wereِ able toِ pitch inِ to helpِ their ownِ children raise children, thusِ increasing theِ likelihood thatِ longevity genes wouldِ beِ passed on.
Waynforth andِ his colleagues looked atِ the question inِ a population ofِ British adults whoِ tookِ part inِ the 1970 British Cohort Study, a collection ofِ information onِ allِ the babies born inِ Britain duringِ one week inِ 1970.
About 8,900 people inِ the sample hadِ answered questions inِ the year 2000 aboutِ how muchِ assistance theyِ received fromِ their parents, howِ emotionally andِ physically close toِ themِ they were, andِ whether theirِ parents helped themِ with child-care duties.

Family ties

13) inِ the journal Proceedings ofِ the Royal Society B, revealed thatِ parents doِ influence theirِ kids’ reproductive decisions, albeit mildly.
People whoِ reported a close emotional relationship withِ parents orِ reported seeingِ their ownِ parents frequently wereِ moreِ likelyِ to haveِ children duringِ the followingِ fiveِ years thanِ those withِ moreِ distant attachments.
The effect wasِ modest, Waynforth said, butِ surprisingly stronger thanِ the effect ofِ havingِ parents whoِ providedِ real helpِ in theِ form ofِ child care orِ money.