Chubbiness May Shield Preteen Girls From Breast Cancer


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Chubbiness May Shield Preteen Girls From Breast Cancer

For girls, chubbiness mayِ protect againstِ breast cancer laterِ inِ life, a newِ French study suggests.
Women inِ the study whoِ hadِ larger bodies atِ puberty wereِ lessِ likely toِ develop breast cancer afterِ menopause thanِ women whoِ wereِ lean atِ puberty, theِ researchers said.

The results held regardless of the women’s body sizes at other ages.

After all, obesity isِ known toِ increase theِ risk ofِ several cancers, including colon, kidney andِ esophageal cancer.
And girls whoِ areِ obese areِ more likelyِ to beginِ their menstrual cycles atِ younger ages a risk factor forِ breast cancer.
However, theِ study adds toِ a growing body ofِ research suggesting thatِ someِ extra body fat inِ the pre-teen andِ early adolescent years actuallyِ reduces breast cancer risk .

No association between body size and breast cancer risk was found at other ages.

The participants inِ the study wereِ teachers orِ spouses ofِ teachers, whoِ tend toِ beِ more health- conscious thanِ the general population, Fagherazzi said.
For thisِ reason, thoseِ with theِ largest body types inِ the study mayِ not haveِ beenِ obese, butِ merely overweight.
A study inِ the general population, whichِ would beِ expected toِ haveِ a larger portion ofِ obese people, mightِ find a differentِ result, Fagherazzi said..