Child Who Cries During Urination Puzzles Doctors


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Child Who Cries During Urination Puzzles Doctors

A littleِ girl inِ England seemedِ perfectly fine exceptِ for oneِ thing: herِ eyes welled upِ with tears everyِ time sheِ peed.
In fact, a rare situation inِ which theِ eyes produce tears whenِ a person passes urine mayِ beِ more common thatِ thought — becauseِ it’s painless, andِ perhaps moreِ of anِ inconvenience thanِ anythingِ else, people mayِ beِ unlikely toِ seek medical helpِ forِ it, researchers inِ England whoِ dealt withِ theِ littleِ girl’s case reported today (Feb.
The causeِ of theِ condition mayِ lie inِ the brain orِ inِ the facial nerves, according toِ theِ report.

The report is published online in the journal Pediatrics.

An unusual case

The 3-year-old girl wasِ brought toِ doctors inِ November 2009, becauseِ of watering ofِ herِ eyes everyِ time sheِ passed urine, according toِ theِ report.
The problem began whenِ theِ girl wasِ justِ weeks old.
An ultrasound ofِ herِ kidneys revealed nothingِ abnormal, andِ there wereِ noِ signs dry eyes orِ ofِ anyِ other medical problem.

A clue from crocodile tears?

In theirِ search forِ anِ explanation, theِ researchers looked atِ what happensِ when someoneِ cries crocodile tears.
Though theِ term hasِ more recentlyِ beenِ applied toِ insincere orِ fake crying, theِ original description ofِ crocodile tear syndrome wasِ based onِ people whoِ would cry whileِ eating orِ drinking, due toِ eitherِ a facial injury orِ a condition called Bell’s palsy.
In thoseِ cases, nerves thatِ regrow afterِ an injury orِ disease mayِ beِ misdirected towardِ theِ lacrimal gland, whichِ produces tears, according toِ theِ report.