These Celebrity Trophy Wives Might Get Very Rich Soon


There was quite an age difference in this relationship. | Charley Gallay/Getty Images

These Celebrity Trophy Wives Might Get Very Rich Soon

To some, age isِ just a number.
These actors, comedians, singers, andِ moguls allِ take thatِ phrase toِ heart, marrying women asِ many asِ 60 years younger thanِ them.
Read onِ to find outِ which celebrity men married much-younger women.

Hugh Hefner

Best knownِ asِ the founder ofِ Playboy, Hefner hadِ many girlfriends throughِ theِ years.
The entrepreneur wasِ married threeِ times beforeِ he died atِ the age ofِ 91.
The twoِ were married forِ just underِ fiveِ years beforeِ Hefner’s death earlier thisِ year.

These two have a pretty major age gap. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

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Donald Trump

The President ofِ the United States hasِ alsoِ had threeِ wives.
His thirdِ wife, Slovenian-born Melania Trump, met Trump atِ a lavish party backِ in 1998, notِ long afterِ he hadِ separated fromِ his previous wife, Marla Maples.
Melania Trump reportedly wore a $100,000 wedding dress onِ herِ big day backِ in 2005.

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Mick Jagger

Left: Melanie Hamrick in a golden black dress. | Rabbani and Solimene Photography/Getty Images, Right: Mick Jagger in New York City. | Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Though they’re technically notِ married, Jagger, 73, welcomed hisِ eighth child inِ December 2016 withِ girlfriend Melanie Hamrick, nowِ 30; theِ two areِ 43 years apart.
The lead singer ofِ The Rolling Stones hasِ eightِ children withِ fiveِ women, butِ he hasِ only beenِ married twice.

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Jerry Seinfeld

The Seinfeld star onceِ dated a 17-year-old girl whenِ heِ was 39, butِ that’s notِ why heِ makes thisِ list.
Seinfeld met hisِ current wife, Jessica Seinfeld, 17 years hisِ junior, justِ afterِ she returned home fromِ her honeymoon withِ then-husband Eric Nederlander.
She wasِ rumored toِ haveِ left Nederlander asِ a result ofِ meeting Seinfeld, butِ she hasِ denied thatِ rumor severalِ times, sayingِ herِ marriage withِ Nederlander wasِ broken beforeِ it started.

The two got together shortly after Jessica’s wedding to another man. | Andrew Toth/Getty Images

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Billy Joel

Musician Billy Joel married hisِ fourth andِ current wife, Alexis Roderick, inِ 2015 atِ age 66.
Roderick wasِ 33 atِ the time, making Joel 33 years herِ senior.
The twoِ welcomed theirِ firstِ child togetherِ aboutِ a month later, andِ a secondِ child inِ October 2017.

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Alexis Roderick and Billy Joel both believe that age is just a number. | Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Clint Eastwood

Eastwood andِ ex-wife Dina Ruiz wereِ togetherِ forِ 17 years beforeِ news broke inِ 2013 thatِ the couple hadِ separated.
The twoِ hadِ anِ amicable split, andِ share oneِ child together, daughter Morgan Eastwood.
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Alec Baldwin

Actor Alec Baldwin isِ 26 years older thanِ hisِ yoga-instructor wife, Hilaria.
Although theِ age gap isِ wide, Baldwin told Ellen DeGeneres earlier inِ September 2017 thatِ he’s “madly inِ love” withِ theِ 33 year oldِ andِ often triesِ toِ keepِ things busy inِ their lives soِ sheِ doesn’t notice howِ old heِ actuallyِ is.

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William Shatner

Shatner married Elizabeth Martin inِ 2001, justِ two years afterِ his previous wife tragically drowned inِ the family’s pool asِ a result ofِ drugs andِ alcohol.
Shatner, age 69 atِ the time, andِ Martin, thenِ 42, wed theِ day beforeِ Valentine’s Day.
The twoِ areِ still married andِ have a 27-year age gap.

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Sylvester Stallone

Jennifer Flavin, a formerِ model, isِ Stallone’s thirdِ wife, whichِ madeِ some skeptical thatِ this marriage wouldِ last. The couple married inِ 1997 andِ celebrated 20 years togetherِ inِ May 2017, proving thatِ age isِ just a number. The 22-year age difference looksِ good onِ these two.

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Frank Sinatra

Sinatra wasِ 50 years oldِ when heِ married formerِ wife Mia Farrow; sheِ was 21. The marriage onlyِ lasted twoِ years, butِ heads turned inِ 2013 whenِ Farrow told Vanity Fair thatِ son Ronan couldِ “possibly” beِ Frank Sinatra’s child. It wasِ long believed thatِ Woody Allen hadِ fathered him.

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Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy andِ model Paige Butcher areِ anotherِ couple whoِ haveِ not yetِ married, butِ they’ve beenِ together sinceِ 2012 andِ have oneِ daughter, Izzy, whoِ isِ Murphy’s ninth child. Murphy isِ 56 andِ Butcher isِ 38, leaving anِ 18-year age gap betweenِ the two. , 7 ] .

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Robert Duvall

The 86-year-old actor married Luciana Pedraza inِ 2005. Pedraza isِ 41 years hisِ junior. She isِ hisِ fourth wife, andِ the twoِ doِ not haveِ anyِ children together, norِ doesِ Duvall haveِ children fromِ anyِ of hisِ previous marriages.

Kevin Costner

The 62-year-old actor married hisِ now-43-year-old wife, Christine Baumgartner, inِ 2004; itِ was hisِ second marriage. The couple shares threeِ kids, Cayden, Grace andِ Hayes. Costner isِ the father ofِ seven children.

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Rod Stewart

26 years separate Rod Stewart fromِ his current wife, Penny Lancaster. The twoِ haveِ beenِ married sinceِ 2007 andِ have twoِ kids together, Aiden andِ Alastair. Stewart, 72, hasِ beenِ married threeِ times andِ has eightِ children.

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Eric Clapton

Musician Eric Clapton hasِ beenِ with soِ manyِ women overِ the years, theِ NY Post actuallyِ created a slideshow aboutِ it toِ celebrate Clapton’s 72nd birthday. However, heِ hasِ only hadِ two wives. The couple hasِ three daughters togetherِ andِ a 31-year age difference., 7 ] .