Celebrity Clothing Lines That Fit Any Men’s Style

Celebrity Clothing Lines

Kanye West’s clothing line | Yeezy x Adidas

Celebrity Clothing Lines That Fit Any Men’s Style

Celebrities impact soِ muchِ of whatِ weِ do that itِ only makesِ sense theyِ shouldِ beِ telling usِ howِ to dress.
These fiveِ celebs haveِ taken theirِ unique personal style andِ manufactured itِ forِ us, soِ we canِ embody theirِ look.
It’s easy toِ fit anyِ of theseِ fiveِ celeb fashion line pieces intoِ your ownِ personal style.

1. Yeezy, by Kanye West

If thereِ was everِ a year thatِ dominated Kanye’s personal style, itِ was 2015 when heِ was named GQ’s Most Stylish Man ofِ the Year.
His label Yeezy debuted atِ New York Fashion Week inِ February ofِ that sameِ year withِ anِ elevated athletic-inspired aesthetic — withِ bombers, sneakers (Yeezy Boosts, whichِ instantly sold out), sweatshirts, andِ any otherِ piece ofِ clothing thatِ canِ beِ made outِ ofِ sweatshirt material.
In short, West hadِ a huge hand inِ defining howِ men wanted toِ lookِ inِ 2015, andِ is almost single-handedly responsible forِ the athleisure lookِ that tookِ critical mass thisِ year — the word hasِ evenِ landed inِ the dictionary.

2. David Beckham for H&M

David Beckham’s clothing is available at H&M | Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images

For men whoِ areِ devotees ofِ cool, affordable jeans, jackets, undies, andِ T-shirts, David Beckham’s collaboration withِ H&M, whichِ launched inِ October, mirrors Beckham’s laid-back iconic style.
The collection isِ “literally theِ stuff I wear day inِ andِ day out,” saysِ Beckham toِ The Telegraph.
“This isِ allِ aboutِ my personal taste andِ what I feel comfortable wearing.” His menswear essentials areِ incredibly affordable, andِ we canِ only hope toِ lookِ asِ good asِ he doesِ in them.

3. Hands High, by Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon made a clothing line, too | Hands High

Funnyman, SNL-alum, andِ Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon’s Hands High isِ a lifestyle sports apparel brand thatِ celebrates theِ great moments inِ sports, featuring professional team logos fromِ the NFL, NBA, MLB, andِ NHL.
Fallon, a lifelong sports fan, realized thatِ sports fans spend a great deal ofِ time duringِ the games cheering andِ high-fiving eachِ other, figuring itِ only madeِ sense toِ place team logos inِ interesting places inِ a distinctive memorable wayِ toِ show support forِ your favorite teams.
Only big sports fans needِ apply.

4. October’s Very Own, by Drake

Drake has his own clothing line | Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Drake’s line ofِ owl-branded apparel andِ collaboration gear wasِ born fromِ the minds ofِ Drake andِ his tour manager Oliver El-Khatib inِ 2011.
October’s Very Own is more thanِ justِ Drake’s label merchandise; itِ stretches intoِ collaborations withِ quintessential Canadian retailer Roots, low-key tees withِ Japanese cool guy shop Nepenthes, toِ Drake’s recentِ projects withِ Jordan Brand.
In otherِ words, a total modern hip-hop style collection.

5. William Rast, by Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake’s line, William Rast | William Rast

Started inِ 2005 byِ Justin Timberlake andِ lifelong friend Trace Ayala, William Rast isِ bestِ known forِ its edgy-yet-tailored collection ofِ premium denim, ready-to-wear tailoring, footwear, andِ accessories.
The label alsoِ produces otherِ clothing, likeِ jackets andِ tops.
William Rast isِ forِ those men whoِ areِ fully adjusted toِ adulthood withِ style andِ poise, andِ who don’t mind laying downِ a littleِ more money forِ a quality pair ofِ denim., 7 ] .