Celebrities Who Made The Same Mistake Twice

Same Mistake Twice

Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon | Donald Bowers/Getty Images

Celebrities Who Made The Same Mistake Twice

When celebrities getِ married, theyِ tend toِ doِ it big — eitherِ byِ finding anِ extravagant location forِ the wedding or the craziest clothes forِ the occasion.
Just lookِ atِ these celebrities withِ theِ mostِ marriages.
While someِ celebrities racked upِ theirِ number ofِ marriages byِ tying theِ knot quickly, othersِ didِ so byِ marrying theِ sameِ person moreِ than once.

1. Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon

The Baywatch star hasِ a habit ofِ goingِ backِ to herِ exes likeِ Tommy Lee.
That wasِ Rick Salomon, whoِ wasِ a good friend ofِ hers.
So whatِ wasِ theِ actress thinking whenِ sheِ went backِ to Salomon.

2. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton | Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Both wereِ married toِ otherِ people atِ the time, soِ this wasِ veryِ scandalous.
They eventually gotِ divorced andِ then married eachِ other againِ in 1964.
They reignited theirِ relationship inِ 1975 andِ remarried forِ the thirdِ time.

3. Larry King and Alene Akins

Larry King Live | CNN

The television personality isِ one ofِ the celebrities withِ theِ mostِ marriages underِ hisِ belt.
Two ofِ those wereِ toِ theِ sameِ woman, Alene Akins.
They firstِ got married inِ 1961 andِ it lasted twoِ years.

4. Eminem and Kimberly Scott

Eminem in “The Monster” video | Interscope

The rapper firstِ married Kimberly Scott inِ 1999 andِ divorced inِ 2001.
It didn’t endِ well andِ he madeِ a lot ofِ music aboutِ her.
His oneِ song, “Kim,” evenِ imagined herِ death andِ being violent towardsِ her.

5. Richard Pryor and Flynn Belaine

Silver Streak | Frank Yablans Presentations

The comedian alsoِ walked downِ the aisle manyِ times, marrying Flynn Belaine twice.
The firstِ time wasِ inِ 1986, andِ they divorced a year later.
They married againِ in 1990 andِ divorced againِ a year later.

6. Barbara Walters and Merv Adelson

The broadcast journalist firstِ married Merv Adelson inِ 1981, butِ divorced himِ in 1984.
I don’t know.
Probably notِ .

7. Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner

The West Side Story star hadِ a crush onِ Robert Wagner whenِ sheِ was justِ a child andِ eventually wentِ onِ a date withِ himِ on herِ 18th birthday.
They laterِ gotِ hitched inِ 1957, butِ it onlyِ lasted untilِ 1962.
“When Natalie died, I thought myِ life wasِ over,” saidِ Wagner onِ Good Morning America.

8. Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson

Actors Melanie Griffith andِ Don Johnson met whenِ sheِ was justِ 14 years oldِ andِ he wasِ 22.
They gotِ engaged onِ herِ 18th birthday, gotِ married inِ 1976, andِ divorced inِ the sameِ year.
“It’s notِ likeِ there’s a stigma onِ a child, andِ getting married, youِ eitherِ go throughِ theِ whole bulls**t ofِ a prenuptial, orِ ifِ you wantِ toِ getِ divorced andِ you don’t haveِ a prenuptial, thenِ you wishِ you hadِ a prenuptial.” , 7 ] .

9. Elliott Gould and Jennifer Bogart

The Ocean’s Eleven actor’s firstِ spouse wasِ Barbara Streisand.
He thenِ moved onِ to Jennifer Bogart — twice.
“She fights forِ everything, sheِ fights forِ life.” , 7 ] .

10. Judge Judy and Jerry Sheindlin

The television judge isِ inِ herِ second marriage toِ husband Jerry Sheindlin.
“It wasِ war,” sheِ told Closer magazine.
“I hadِ to face someِ hard truths.” But somehowِ they foundِ their wayِ backِ to eachِ other andِ remarried a year later.

11. Rodney Dangerfield and Joyce Indig

The firstِ time wasِ inِ 1949 andِ they divorced inِ 1962.
He actuallyِ left theِ entertainment business duringِ that time toِ focus onِ hisِ family.
The twoِ thenِ remarried a year later, onlyِ to divorce inِ 1970.

Rodney Dangerfield then married Joan Child in 1993 and they stayed together until his death.

12. Ben Stein and Alexandra Denman

The actor hasِ beenِ married toِ onlyِ oneِ woman inِ hisِ life, butِ married herِ twice. He firstِ married Alexandra Denman inِ 1968 andِ divorced inِ 1974. But theyِ were able toِ find theirِ way backِ to eachِ other andِ married againِ in 1977.

13. Marie Osmond and Stephen Craig

The singer married herِ firstِ husband, Stephen Craig, twice. After divorcing theِ basketball player, sheِ moved onِ to Brian Blosil andِ married andِ divorced himِ beforeِ going backِ to Craig. “I amِ so happy andِ look forwardِ to sharing myِ life withِ Stephen, whoِ isِ anِ amazing man, asِ well asِ a great father toِ myِ children,” sheِ saidِ when announcing herِ Las Vegas wedding toِ Craig inِ 2011.

14. Jean-Claude Van Damme and Gladys Portugues

The martial artist married hisِ current wife, Gladys Portugues, twice. It hasn’t beenِ easy, evenِ though theyِ areِ still making itِ work. “The JCVD family isِ still strong,” theِ actor said, according toِ Daily Mail.

15. Dionne Warwick and William Elliott

The onlyِ man theِ icon married, sheِ ended upِ marrying twice. It wasِ actor William Elliott, whoِ firstِ married herِ in 1966 andِ divorced herِ in theِ nextِ year. “It wasِ a case ofِ can’t doِ with, can’t doِ without, soِ I married himِ again,” sheِ said, according toِ The Telegraph.

16. Nene and Gregg Leakes

The reality star married Gregg Leakes inِ 1997 andِ it lasted untilِ 2011. They divorced, withِ theirِ problems pretty wellِ documented onِ the show, Real Housewives ofِ Atlanta. But theِ show alsoِ followed themِ gettingِ backِ together.

17. Sinbad and Meredith Adkins

The couple firstِ tied theِ knot inِ 1985. I justِ couldn’t keepِ trying toِ introduce a stepmother andِ that sort ofِ junk,” heِ told Quad-City Times. “I alwaysِ thought thatِ was insane.” , 7 ] .

18. Lana Turner and Steve Crane

The Imitation ofِ Life star alsoِ racked upِ a lot ofِ marriages throughoutِ herِ life. The onlyِ husband sheِ gave a secondِ chance toِ was Steve Crane. They firstِ married inِ 1942, onlyِ to annul itِ inِ the nextِ year.

19. Fred and Franchesska Berry

The What’s Happening!! actor married hisِ firstِ wife twice. The firstِ marriage with Franchesska Berry started inِ 1976 andِ fell apartِ within theِ sameِ year. They triedِ againِ in 1978, onlyِ to divorce againِ in 1980.

20. Paul Hogan and Noelene Edwards

The Crocodile Dundee star married hisِ firstِ wife, Noelene Edwards, twice. They triedِ againِ later, marrying inِ 1982 andِ eventually gettingِ divorced inِ 1990. It didn’t endِ on good terms., 7 ] .