How Celebrities Get a Better Experience at Disneyland


They skip the line and board discretely. | Chloe Rice/Disney Parks via Getty Images

How Celebrities Get a Better Experience at Disneyland

Since it’s opening inِ 1955, Disneyland hasِ beenِ set upِ toِ accommodate someِ ofِ the biggest names inِ Hollywood — somethingِ that Walt Disney himselfِ thought ofِ inِ the original plans.
That said, times haveِ changed andِ keeping a celebrity’s visit underِ wraps hasِ becomeِ harder andِ harder forِ the park.
We share someِ ofِ perks ofِ beingِ a celebrity atِ Disneyland, ahead.

1. They have alternative entrances

While someِ celebrities willِ wait inِ line, manyِ choose notِ to.
Instead ofِ drawing a crowd andِ taking theِ attention awayِ from theِ Disneyland experience, manyِ celebrities willِ useِ a special incognito ride entrance.
Usually located atِ the front ofِ a ride’s load inِ area, celebrities oftenِ skip theِ line andِ discretely board ride vehicles whileِ otherِ park-goers aren’t lookingِ (i.e.

Celebrities still have to pay for the privlege. | Paul Hiffmeyer/Disney via Getty Images

2. They have unlimited FastPasses

That said, notِ allِ celebrities getِ to skip theِ line.
That perk isِ reserved forِ only theِ mostِ recognizable celebrities (think: Katy Perry, Britney Spears, andِ other megastars).
That said, justِ becauseِ a celebrity doesn’t goِ through anِ alternative entrance, doesn’t meanِ they don’t haveِ to wait inِ line altogether.

3. They pay for the VIP experience

Being a celebrity doesn’t grant youِ automatic access toِ skipping lines atِ Disneyland andِ Walt Disney World — youِ haveِ to pay forِ it.
And althoughِ celebrities mayِ haveِ the funds toِ spend onِ anِ extravagant Disneyland trip, theِ price ofِ a VIP experience canِ beِ expensive.
According toِ Theme Park Tourist, Disney offers VIP Tours forِ aboutِ $400 anِ hour forِ a minimum ofِ 7 hours.

4. They’re often accompanied by an official Disney tour guide

They get the special tour. | Paul Hiffmeyer/Disney Parks via Getty Images

Speaking ofِ VIP Tours, oneِ ofِ the biggest thingsِ thatِ separates celebrities fromِ commoners atِ Disneyland andِ Disney World isِ a plaid vest — aka, a tour guide.
With a purchase ofِ a VIP Tour, celebrity guests areِ escorted byِ tour guides (dressed inِ a plaid vest andِ often spewing outِ Disney facts toِ pass theِ time).
These guides helpِ them plan theirِ day, getِ them toِ theِ fastest wait times, andِ more.

5. They bring their bodyguards

In addition toِ tour guides, celebrities oftenِ bring a posse withِ them, including theirِ body guards.
And whileِ theِ parks forbid themِ fromِ carrying anyِ weapons ofِ protection, theyِ don’t stop themِ fromِ staring intoِ the souls ofِ guests whoِ mayِ beِ causing a scene.
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6. They go to Club 33

Body guards are still on hand. | Paul Hiffmeyer/Disney Parks via Getty Images

Le Salon Nouveau #club33 #disneyland #dlr #disneylandclub33 #club33disneyland #club33royalstreet #lesalonnouveau

A post shared byِ Disneyland Club 33 Member (@disneyland33member) onِ Feb 7, 2017 atِ 7:49pm PST Disney’s members onlyِ club isِ one ofِ the mostِ sought-after experiences atِ Disney’s parks.
That said, justِ becauseِ you areِ a celebrity, doesn’t meanِ Disney willِ open it’s Club 33 doors toِ you.
They haveِ front row seats toِ theِ parades … andِ don’t haveِ to stake themِ outِ themselves Another perk ofِ beingِ a celebrity atِ Disneyland (and purchasing a VIP Tour).

Celebrities don’t have to stake out their seats. | Chloe Rice/Getty Images