Case Closed? Columbus Introduced Syphilis to Europe


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Case Closed? Columbus Introduced Syphilis to Europe

In 1492, Columbus sailed theِ ocean blue, butِ when heِ returned fromِ ‘cross theِ seas, didِ he bring withِ himِ a newِ disease.
New skeletal evidence suggests Columbus andِ his crew notِ only introduced theِ Old World toِ theِ New World, butِ brought backِ syphilis asِ well, researchers say.
It wasِ oneِ ofِ the firstِ global diseases, andِ understanding whereِ itِ cameِ from andِ how itِ spread mayِ helpِ us combat diseases today.

Stigmatized disease

The fact thatِ syphilis isِ a stigmatized sexually transmitted disease hasِ added toِ theِ controversy overِ itsِ origins.
Top 10 Stigmatized Health Disorders] Armelagos originally doubted theِ so-called Columbian theory forِ syphilis whenِ heِ firstِ heard aboutِ it decades ago.
Critics ofِ the Columbian theory haveِ proposed thatِ syphilis hadِ alwaysِ bedeviled theِ Old World butِ simply hadِ not beenِ set apartِ from otherِ rotting diseases suchِ asِ leprosy untilِ 1500 orِ so.

In the seafood?

The 16 reports thatِ didِ meet theِ criteria forِ syphilis cameِ from coastal regions whereِ seafood wasِ a large part ofِ the diet.
This seafood containsِ old carbon fromِ deep, upwelling ocean waters.
Once weِ adjusted forِ the marine signature, allِ of theِ skeletons thatِ showed definite signs ofِ treponemal disease appeared toِ beِ dated toِ afterِ Columbus returned toِ Europe, Harper said, findings detailed inِ the current Yearbook ofِ Physical Anthropology.