Can You Really Sweat Out Toxins?



Can You Really Sweat Out Toxins?

You’re inِ your weekly yoga class, inverted andِ stretching outِ your body asِ piped-in sitar music plinks soothingly inِ the background.
A drop ofِ sweat slides downِ the bridge ofِ your nose andِ pools onِ your yoga mat.
The instructor croons, “That’s right, sweat outِ allِ of thoseِ toxins.” Obligingly, yourِ pores dilate andِ your skin isِ soon slick withِ perspiration.

Er, oneِ problem withِ thatِ notion: Your skin isn’t actuallyِ an excretory organ.
Yoga, likeِ allِ exercise, isِ inarguably good forِ you ifِ practiced correctly.
Indeed, vigorous activity doesِ help theِ body rid itselfِ of toxins byِ increasing theِ circulation ofِ lymph fluid andِ blood, whichِ areِ filtered byِ the lymph nodes andِ kidneys respectively.

The fact is, though, theِ endِ of theِ road forِ these poisons—both metabolic andِ environmental—is covered byِ most bathing suits.
The purpose ofِ sweating isِ not toِ purge theِ body ofِ toxins butِ to cool itِ downِ through evaporation.
Sweat fromِ eccrine sweat glands—those covering mostِ of theِ body—is 99% water andِ contains onlyِ very small amounts ofِ salts, urea, andِ carbohydrates, allِ of whichِ areِ natural by-products ofِ bodily processes.