Can Taking Vitamin D & Calcium Help You Live Longer?


Credit: Vitamins photo via Shutterstock

Can Taking Vitamin D & Calcium Help You Live Longer?

Older people whoِ takeِ vitamin D supplements alongِ with calcium mayِ live longer thanِ others, according toِ a newِ review ofِ previous studies.
The researchers looked atِ data regardingِ the vitamin D intake of moreِ than 70,000 adults inِ their 60s andِ 70s.
They foundِ that people whoِ tookِ vitamin D, alongِ with calcium supplements, wereِ 9 percent lessِ likely toِ die overِ a three-year period, compared withِ people whoِ tookِ neitherِ supplement.

However, they found that taking vitamin D alone had no effect on mortality rates.

For everyِ 151 people whoِ tookِ with daily vitamin D andِ calcium forِ three years, oneِ life wouldِ beِ spared, according toِ theِ researchers’ calculations.
The finding comesِ on theِ heels ofِ several studies withِ conflicting results aboutِ the health benefits ofِ vitamin D, including itsِ possible effects onِ longevity.
The newِ review isِ the largest ofِ itsِ kind, andِ included eightِ randomized controlled trials, saidِ study leader Lars Rejnmark, ofِ Aarhus University Hospital inِ Denmark.