Can a Mother’s Diet Affect a Baby’s Food Preferences?


Can a Mother’s Diet Affect a Baby’s Food Preferences?

Say youِ likeِ beets, orِ maybeِ you live offِ ofِ Cool Ranch Doritos.
Can youِ blame yourِ mom’s diet whenِ you wereِ stillِ a zygote forِ some ofِ your weird food preferences.
There isِ strong evidence thatِ asِ a fetus, youِ areِ able toِ detect food evenِ allِ the senses mayِ not beِ up andِ running, saidِ Gary Beauchamp, a taste scientist atِ the nonprofit Monell Chemical Senses Center inِ Philadelphia, PA.

You are what your mother eats, said Beauchamp.

One study inِ 2005 looked atِ the howِ much 2-month oldِ babies likedِ the taste ofِ salt.
Babies wereِ offered bottles ofِ liquid withِ differentِ amounts ofِ salt inِ them ranging fromِ regular water toِ chicken-soup-salty toِ super-soup-salty.
The babies wereِ tested fourِ months later, andِ then threeِ years later.

So next time your friends bug you about hogging the pretzels, just blame your mom.

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