Caffeine Craving Linked to Genetics


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Caffeine Craving Linked to Genetics

Whether orِ notِ you’re a caffeine junkie isِ inِ part determined byِ your genes, a newِ study says.
Both ofِ the genes areِ known toِ beِ involved inِ the breakdown ofِ caffeine inِ the liver.
The findings suggest oneِ ofِ the main reasons whyِ someِ people drink moreِ caffeine thanِ othersِ isِ that theِ heavy drinkers areِ better able toِ tolerate it, theِ researchers say.

Genes for caffeine

Studies onِ twins haveِ suggested thatِ the amount ofِ caffeine a person drinks is, inِ part, hereditary.
But researchers didn’tِ know whatِ genes determine thisِ caffeine preference.
Everybody hasِ these genes, butِ some people haveِ variations thatِ areِ more active thanِ others.

Future work

The gene CYP1A2 isِ involved inِ the breakdown ofِ manyِ chemicals, including carcinogens.
Caporaso wouldِ likeِ to seeِ whether variations ofِ this gene alsoِ influence a person’s cancer risk, heِ said.
The researchers areِ alsoِ investigating whetherِ people whoِ don’tِ drink anyِ caffeine atِ allِ have special genetic variations, Caporaso said.