Breast Growth Disorder Harms Teen Girls’ Health


Credit: Teen girl photo via Shutterstock

Breast Growth Disorder Harms Teen Girls’ Health

A condition thatِ causesِ abnormal enlargement ofِ the breasts canِ beِ detrimental toِ theِ mental andِ physical health ofِ teen girls, according toِ a newِ study.
In theِ study, teen girls withِ theِ condition, called macromastia, reported lowerِ quality ofِ life, lowerِ self -esteem, moreِ breast pain andِ more eating disorders compared withِ thoseِ without theِ condition.
The findings suggest thatِ early intervention toِ alleviate breast symptoms mayِ improve theِ health ofِ teen girls withِ macromastia, theِ researchers say.

Pass it on:  Teen girls with macromastia suffer physical and mental health impairments.

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