Breast-Feeding Lowers Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome


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Breast-Feeding Lowers Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Breast-feeding isِ alreadyِ known toِ provide a slew ofِ benefits toِ mother andِ baby, andِ now oneِ moreِ positive canِ beِ added toِ theِ list: itِ reduces theِ risk ofِ sudden infant death syndrome, a newِ study says.
Babies whoِ wereِ exclusively breast-fed forِ six months hadِ a 73 percent reduction inِ the risk ofِ sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), theِ researchers said.
There’s lots ofِ reasons thatِ breast-feeding isِ the bestِ form ofِ feeding infants, saidِ study researcher Dr.

The new study was published online today (June 13) in the journal Pediatrics.

Breast-feeding and SIDS

SIDS isِ the sudden death ofِ anِ infant lessِ than a year oldِ forِ which a causeِ cannotِ beِ found atِ autopsy, according toِ theِ National Institutes ofِ Health.
Researchers knew breast-feeding reduced theِ risk ofِ death inِ infants, butِ whether itِ specifically protects againstِ SIDS wasِ unclear.
This type ofِ study, a meta-analysis, canِ provide a bigger picture thanِ anyِ one study can.


Breast-fed infants awaken moreِ easily fromِ sleep, andِ this mayِ protect againstِ SIDS, theِ researchers said.
Separate studies haveِ foundِ women whoِ share a bed withِ theirِ baby breast-feed forِ longer times.
However, bed-sharing hasِ alsoِ been linked withِ anِ increased risk ofِ SIDS.